Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Decatur had a big weekend: (1) The varsity girls won state in volleyball, (2) the football team won bi-district in a game played, oddly, in Oklahoma, and (3) Former Decatur alum Grayson Muehlstein game off the bench to lead TCU over Baylor as QB.
  • Oh, my.
  • Let's quick hit the Trump embarrassments this weekend: (1) Went to California and said the forest fires could have been prevented if we had "raked" the forest "floors", (2) Insulted retired Admiral and former Navy SEAL, ex-UT Chancellor, and mastermind of catching Osama bin Laden, (3) Doesn't believe the CIA report that the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia ordered the murder of Khashoggi, and (4) Intentionally misspelled Congressman's Adam Schiff's name in a tweet proving he has a sense of humor and intellect of a fifth grader. #MAGA
  • Say what?
  • The most Out Of Touch Award goes to this Arkansas state rep:
  • We've got a big firearms and drug bust!
  • A few weeks ago I thought there was no way Texas could win the Big 12, now I think it is probable. The winner of WVU/OU's game on Friday, who will be exhausted after an emotional night game in Morgantown, will face UT (assuming they beat Kansas) in Jerry World for the title.  Then again, Texas could screw it all up because of the karma of an overrated defensive player who thinks it is a good look to accent his pigtails with sunglasses and a cowboy hat:
  • Redskins quarterback Alex Smith suffered a gruesome broken leg yesterday. The most famous broken leg ever in the NFL was the one received by former Redskins' QB Joe Theisman. Here is some Twilight Zone stuff: (1) The injuries occurred 33 days apart to the day, (2) the injuries were both a  right broken fibula and tibula (3) the Redskins lost both games by a score of 23-21, and (4) both injuries occurred at the 40 yard line.  
  • A Channel 8 tweet has a weird way of promoting their story on the horrific rhinoplasty gone wrong in Mexico that has left a lady in a coma. Not only is the title abruptly odd, the accompanying graphic appears to be a photo of a monitor taken in a room with bright lights.
  • I'm guessing the Editor in Chief of the Tarlton State newspaper doesn't have a career in writing:
  • It's not been a good week for the Parker County and/or its Sheriff. First a deputy shoots himself in the foot giving rise to a possible cover-up, and now the Dallas Morning News goes after their jail. Jails in Texas are almost always run by the local sheriff but, for some reason, is contracted out in Parker County to some outfit named LaSalle Corrections.
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