Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • I watched the beginning of Monday Night Football last night and they opened with footage of Chief's coach Andy Reid competing as a 13 year old in the Punt, Pass & Kick competition in that stadium. 13? (Side note: I should have stuck with the game.) 
  •  A 15 year old Abilene High School student was found dead in a bathroom hotel in Grapevine. From his obituary, he sounds like he was a really good kid. Autopsy results are pending. 
  • Two Arkansas Razorbacks were suspended for flirting with the dance team before last week's game with Missouri, and it's a crying shame there aren't pictures.
  • About time. I've been classifying them as that for two years.
  • This will interest political junkies only: Here is a site of every campaign logo for every person who ran for Congress this year. If you ever think about running for office, it is a treasure trove of designs, colors, and fonts. Example: Some guy in Oklahoma decided to use burnt orange. It must work. He won (again.):
  • The Rolling Stones will be in Houston in April next year. In 1982, when they rolled through Dallas, I had buddies tell me, "This might be the last chance we ever get to see them." 
  • During the press conference where Les Miles was introduced as the head coach of Kansas, there was a very bizarre moment where he lost his train of thought for a long time. (Quick video.)
  • Another day in America: A gunman kills three at a Chicago hospital.
  • The 5,800 troops deployed to the border because of Trump's failed campaign stunt are preparing to leave. 
  • I wonder if she is simply trying to get in front of something:
  • I made fun of the pig-tailed Longhorn Breckyn Hager yesterday, and later in the day he had to issue an apology for saying "OU sucks." Yep, a formal and very lengthy apology. This isn't the Evil Empire I used to know. 
  • Look out. "The oil and gas sector worldwide lost about $1 trillion in value during a 40-day period that began in early early October and culminated last week with a record 12th straight day of oil price declines — including the worst single-day drop in three years."
  • From the Update: There was a police pursuit in Wise County last night. It never left the county. It took two hours. (It looks like the guy had about 10 cases pending at the courthouse -- none higher than a State Jail Felony.)