Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • This story is a twist, and I've got questions. In essence, you're just buying tainted cocaine for $30,000 instead of hiring a hit man, right? I guess he could have just poisoned the cocaine himself and cut out the middle man, but maybe he was scared that it would be impossible to do so and cover his tracks (which is probably true.)  It's almost impossible to do anything or even move without a digital/video footprint left behind. 
  • Oh, no! Kanye has decided he has just been used as a tool for Trump! 
  • A 19 year old neo-Nazi in Fort Worth has been charged with hanging racist banners on public property in Fort Worth. (It's the "public property" aspect which earned him a Class C misdemeanor. Put a bumper sticker on your car that says the same thing and you're home free.)
  • I hate Fort Worth Nazi's.
  • For any of you thinking the 14th Amendment doesn't demand birthright citizenship because of the phrase "and subject to the jurisdiction thereof", read this short yet scholarly article.  (You'll know more than 99.9% of the population about it.) It is written by a conservative and now federal judge who is a member of Federalist Society. Not conservative enough for you? What if I told you he was appointed by Trump to the Fifth Circuit last year? More proof? This is how he began his first opinion ever as a federal judge earlier this year: 
  • Clever:
  • Trump getting off Air Force One yesterday in Pittsburgh without one single local, state or federal official there to greet him was very poetic. 
  • It's Halloween and the 39th anniversary of me and my buddies being chased through the woods in Bridgeport by DPS troopers for throwing eggs. All but two of us escaped -- those two were briefly detained at city hall and then released. (Today we probably would have all been indicted for a multitude of felonies.)
  • Here's the Southlake video I referenced yesterday. (Thanks, reader.) 
  • And Another (New Jersey):

  • I've mentioned before the disaster that is Reagor Dykes Auto Group out of Lubbock which is in bankruptcy. The newspaper out there got a hold of a 22 minute audio recording of an employee meeting from last year where Dykes acts like a profane evangelist to sell cars. It's mesmerizing. If any of you have to work in an environment like that, do one thing: Quit.
  • In today's edition of Fear The Brown People:
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