Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • What a weekend. On Friday we had Trump question whether the bombs being mailed were real and expressed frustration that the attempted murders were impacting Republican voting. Incredible. He knew something was coming.
  • Answer: About an hour later, the driver of this van, a middle aged white American man, was arrested for mailing the bombs. No wonder Trump didn't want the press talking about it. 
  • The affidavit for the warrant for the bomber was sworn out via FaceTime. That's a first for me. 
  • Then less than 24 hours later, a middle aged white American male slaughtered 11 Jews in Pittsburgh, Trump gave it lip service, then went to two "rallies" in Indiana, and then sent the nation this important tweet concerning a nation's healing later in the evening: 
  • Let it all sink in. The oldest victim was 97. Murdered for being a Jew. In a synagogue. With an AR-15. In America. In 2018.
  • And remember when Trump said there were "good" people on "both sides" in Charlottesville?
    They chanted "Jews will not replace us!"
  • And a day before the massacre, this guy thought this would be a funny bit for Halloween. He later apologized. (Not only is he a buffoon, he's a buffoon with very bad timing.)
  • On a lighter note, someone brought milk to the World Series game last night.
  • This was also at the World Series last night. I don't think anyone says trans people need to die. (But maybe there are.)
  • UT football notes: (1) They got screwed on offsides being called on the moving punt formation by OSU, (2) Breckyn Hager's long hair is a bad look but not as bad as his unsportsmanlike conduct at the end of the game when he rushed when OSU was just trying to take a knee, and (3) I think there is something mentally off with coach Tom Herman who then rushed the field right after that. 
  • In case you missed it:
  • Harris County has prosecutors who work too hard.
  • I wonder how early Elmer Gantry is willing to get up in order to get on Fox News? Oh. (Side note: Learn to spell Pittsburgh): 
  • This umbrella is a metaphor for the country right now. Upside down, ignored by officials, and alone and helpless in the wind. 
  • So we've had a Maryland news room shot up, an American resident journalist hacked to death by the Saudis because of what he wrote, and CNN sent two bombs. Let's see how Trump is trying to bring the country together this morning, and to ensure this will stop. Well, I'll be. He called the press the "Enemy of the People" again. 
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