Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Halloween is fun as kid, a beating as a young adult, and then oddly gets entertaining again as you get older. 
  • Ted Cruz admitted to being the Zodiac Killer yesterday. (At least his social media person has a sense of humor.)
  • When the government solicits calls like this, I bet they are flooded with cases -- many of which can't be proven or have no merit. It will take a ton of work to sort them all out. 
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  • Things I saw in movies, questioned what in the heck it was, and then forgot all about it. 
  • Map of the 30 counties with the most number of registered voters (making up a whopping 78% of all voters.). It's almost proof that Wise County isn't part of the "metroplex" as it is left out in the upper left hand cluster of counties.  (And I-35 either created a lot of population or the population created the need for I-35.)
  • Where'd Rudy Giuliani go?
  • Our dryer is no longer heating and the refrigerator started making a loud noise this morning. How's your day? 
  •  A girl sued a school around Waco after she received rope burns on her neck (racial overtones.) Her lawyers asked yesterday for $12 million from a jury but received only $68,000. But I loved this reversal of fortune quote from her lawyer: “I am very happy with the jury’s decision. We’ve got a case that the school’s position was that it was all an accident, it was minor, superficial and nothing happened that required medical attention. The jury obviously disagreed with that and awarded thousands of dollars to my client.”
  • A former Springtown PD school resource officer was convicted of Indecency with a Child (a student) and sentenced to 12 years in prison.  
  • There was a death penalty handed down in Dallas yesterday -- the first one in over five years. This picture of defendant Kristopher Love that the prosecution found was on the wall during closing arguments. (Lawyer stuff: Rule 403 jumps out at me to keep it out in the first place. It probably wouldn't work, but I'd try something.) Note: This photo was hard to find. Google images didn't help. I had to lift it out of Fox 4's coverage. I don't know if WFAA or KXAS ran with it. 
  • Trump said he might send to up to 15,000 troops. Sheesh. Here's a reminder that he has never visited the troops overseas because he says he is "too busy." 
  •  And Trump tweeted a racially charged ad yesterday. How does that crap work even with his base? #FearTheBrownPeople  This is basically Willie Horton all over again. 
  • I wonder what local network news affiliates charge for a 30 second spot during election time? The demand for ad time has to be three to five times as much as what it normally is. They certainly must (and justifiably) jack up their rates accordingly. 
  • The Government of Tennessee will kill a man tonight with an electric chair. It is 2018. (I guess in a fairness I need to point out that he declined lethal injection.)