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Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Yesterday was a crazy news day. It started with an explosive new allegation against Kavanaugh and ended with Trump on a crazy and rambling press conference. 
  • It quickly got bizarre as Stormy Daniel's lawyer -- who correctly exposed Trump's affair and cover-up with regard to Stormy and which ultimately led to a federal conviction of Trump's personal lawyer --  releasing an affidavit of a woman about Kavanaugh's past. This caused Trump to unwisely start a Twitter war.
  • I told you this week would get ugly.
  • I think I understand this, but it still sounds funny:
  • I mentioned the other day that college football players are now picking up and quitting if they are benched. Clemson's quarterback, who started the national championship game last year, announced yesterday he would transfer.
  • Back to Kanaugh. Look, I don't know what he did or didn't due in his younger years, but I now have serious concerns. It is by no means enough to want to convict him of a crime, but certainly enough to give pause as to whether to hand him a lifetime job promotion where he gets to shape American law for a generation or more.
  • And to all those that refer to someone else's word alone as "no evidence", there are literally thousands of people in prison who disagree. Like I said, I wouldn't convict Kavanaugh of anything, but if convicted no court would overturn it for insufficient evidence. Heck, Texas even has a statute that specifically says the uncorroborated word of a person victimized as a child is sufficient evidence to convict. See Tex. Code Crim. Proc. Ann. art. 38.07 (West Supp. 2016)
  • But I'm stunned by the Trump hardliners who have dismissed every allegation against Kavanaugh out of hand. Most seem to always say, "I have a hard time believing" the allegations to be true. That led to the following retorts yesterday (all of which I've stolen): 
    • I have a hard time believing that hundreds of gymnasts could be molested by a single osteopathic physician over decades and not report it
    • I have a hard time believing Catholic priests would molest boys for decades and we never heard about it.
    • I have a hard time believing Kevin Spacey was a predator for years and years yet continued to make films.
    • I have a hard time believing Bill Cosby drugged and assaulted women for decades and none of them said a word. 
    • I have a hard time believing a California doctor and girlfriend who have appeared on TV drugged and abused women.
    • I have a hard time believing Sandusky did that for years at Penn State and no one came forward.
    • I have a hard time believing there was a sexual assault problem under Baylor's Art Briles' watch and it took one prosecution for the flood gates to open. 
  • Watch this case out of Tarrant County. Something about it didn't sound right when the story first broke. Terri Moore is the defense lawyer. 
  • Gas prices are at a four year high.
  • Trump said yesterday he has grown to "like" the North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. Does he think we have forgotten that he used the parents of the Otto Warmbier, who died as a direct result of Kim, as props during his State of the Union speech?

  • I hate to harp on this Kavanaugh nomination, but this got buried yesterday when it normally would be front and center: Mark Judge's ex-girlfriend says that "Judge had told her ashamedly of an incident that involved him and other boys taking turns having sex with a drunk woman." This corroborates the affidavit released yesterday from alleged victim #3. That ex-girlfriend now wants to talk to the FBI and Judiciary Committee about it.
  • And local conservative Christian talk radio host lectures all you women out there on "basic decency". Women, I feel sorry for you. What a pig.: 
  • The scene has started:
  • And the papers are in rare form this morning: