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Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Decatur High School is closed for three days after the building took on water. (Facebook video from last Friday as it occurred.)  "One of the wettest we've ever seen from the standpoint of water." 
  • It was wet in Irving on Friday night.
  • And a tree in Plano did not take kindly to the wet soil. (That would make me sick as a homeowner.) 
  • That seat on the Supreme Court which Kavanaugh is nominated for has quite a history. He will (likely?) replace Kennedy who only ended up on the court because Bork's nomination was shot down. And then Bork's proposed replacement didn't survive due to this horrendous sin: 
  • The Rangers' firing of manager Jeff Banister on Friday was just weird. Getting past he had nothing to work with, why not wait a handful of games until the season was over? Something is going on behind the scenes.
  • I watched the Cruz/Beto debate on Friday. I think the only thing that will be remembered is Beto saying, "True to form" after Cruz ended the night as a jerk when he was supposed to say something nice about Beto.
  • For old time Southern Baptists only: I was channel surfing on Saturday and came across once famed DFW evangelist James Robison in a TV studio with his wife interviewing a guy. Old time religion? Nope. He was selling amino acids.   
  • The Evil Empire sure did make sure TCU's band had good seats on Saturday:
  • In what was one of the weirdest things I've ever seen, some guy bootlegged the overtime of a great OU/Army game, which for some reason was only on pay-per-view on Saturday night, for the nation to see. He just turned his camera to the TV on his wall. 
  • Speaking of that game, the OU crowd applauded Army as it left the field and Army, well, did what Army does: 
  • I mentioned a couple of weeks back that the pylon rules are far more complicated than anyone knows. For example, did you know the pylon is inbounds in the NFL but is out of bounds in college football?  I might get Board Certified in Pylon Law.
  • Weirdest "Friday" high school game: Lancaster trailed Mansfield Legacy 8-7  with 3:53 remaining when the game was postponed at 45 minutes after midnight. When it was resumed on Saturday afternoon, Lancaster started with 4th an 1 at its own 18. They went for it, made it, and went on to score and win the game. 
  • The #1 reason you shouldn't be a fan of pro football: You care more than the players and coaches do.
  • Told you Sean Lee would get hurt.
  • They gave him what?
  • Trump only had three tweets yesterday. This was one of them: 
  • Oddity of oddities: Stormy Daniels' lawyer calls out the head of a private school in Arlington for obscene language and offers proof.
  • Messenger: Above The Fold.
  • I don't know if any allegation are true nor do I automatically doubt them. Regardless, this is going to an ugly week: