Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Things like this make me fear a cyberattack: Verizon's network went down for most of the country yesterday, and Delta had to ground flights yesterday evening due to computer errors. 
  • Heard at the courthouse yesterday: Girl #1 "There ain't none of my exes that I'd remarry." Girl #2: "Me neither!!"
  • I'm ashamed that the U.S. was laughed at when Trump spoke at the U.N. yesterday, and equally confused that he didn't understand he was being laughed at. However, there's a tweet for everything.  Flashback to 2014:
  • Once again, Williamson County is in the news as a Republican legislator from Georgetown allegedly went all Joe Barton on a co-ed:
  • The New Yorker is on to us. The headline and byline throw out "right-wing zealots" and "crackpots." (It's written by Lawrence Wright so it's actually pretty good):
  • Robert Jeffress is neglecting his duties at pastor at FBC of Dallas again. This time he's being paid to speak at the sure-to-be-a-party Quartet Convention in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.

  • Want to see a judge run down an African American woman in the hallway after she was denied a protective order because she didn't meet a strange 8:00 a.m. deadline? He resigned. 

  • The LSU band performs "The Office" theme.
  • There hasn't been a whole lot of news about an awful story of a woman murdered in Dallas after walking her dog. Her roommate was also attacked and put in ICU.  And they lived in a nice apartment complex.
  • Bill Cosby was sent to prison on the same day that President Donald Trump addressed the U.N. I pray that time travel exists and that someone from the 1980s just arrived yesterday and turned on a TV. (Of course, they spend five minutes asking themselves, "This skinny thing is a TV? Oh, come on!")
  • I've never seen West Side Story, Mary Poppins, or any of the Jurassic Park movies.
  • It's raining like a son of a gun at the time of this writing. I hope they remembered to put a tarp on the roof at Decatur High School. 
  • Paxton is wasting his time and our money on this? (And is it Texas's or Texas'?)
  • Speaking of Bill Cosby:
  • Here's Judge Kavanaugh's 1982 calendar they he kept in high school. No, really.
  • Messenger: Above the Fold