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Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • I forgot to mention an ICE raid in North Texas that engulfed the lives of 98 people who were caught. One was from Bridgeport and two from Jacksboro. No names given.
  • I predicted that the Mesquite officer on trial for aggravated assault would be found not guilty. I was close. There was a hung jury yesterday. 
  • The Kavanaugh hearings were historical yesterday. Random thoughts:
    • Dr. Ford was absolutely believable.
    • The widespread Republican response was that she must have been victimized but must have a mistaken memory regarding who did it. Riiiiiiight.
    • The "special prosecutor" for the Republican majority (who they abruptly booted) found herself in a position many trial lawyers have been in: She wasn't going to land a glove on the witness, Dr. Ford, so the only thing she could do was to treat the witness with respect, make what points she could (if any), and get out.
    • I don't believe Kavanaugh for a second, and I'm struggling to figure out how anyone possibly could.
    • To me, Kavanaugh acted like a spoiled rich kid prep school kid. He is James Spader from Pretty in Pink. It's almost like you could picture him being caught on a hot mic in a bus with Billy Bush. 
    • Man, two things that Kavanaugh did not want to talk about: (1) An FBI investigation, and (2) his yearbook which makes two sexual explicit coded references that he clearly lied about.
    • The video clips of Kavanaugh saying how much he "likes beer" are as funny as they are bizarre.
    • If everyone wanted to get to the truth, they would bring in Mark Judge - the alleged witness in the room. Heck, I'd take two FBI agents asking him questions and taking his statement. But that's not going to happen. (In a shocking twist which has received almost no publicity, his "statement" to the committee wasn't even signed by him. It was signed by his lawyer.) Edit: Shortly after writing this, the Committee refused to issue a subpoena for him on a vote of 11-10.
    • Having Alyssa Milano in the background all afternoon seemed bizarrely appropriate for America.
    • In the end, is Kavanaugh the very best this country has to offer for its highest court?
    • Just once in my lifetime I'd like to a Supreme Court justice who went to a public law school, had a career as a public defender representing poor people, and never made a lot of money.
  • Two guys decided to "take it outside" after getting into an argument at a JV game in Carrollton last night, went to the parking lot, and one guy ends up in critical condition with a gunshot.
  • Jane McGarry just killin' it last night:
  • Wait. Rudy thinks he was in the Senate?
  • "Chris in Decatur" made The Ticket this morning for spotting this funny description of a game played with an oblong ball in the United States:
  • Someone pointed out yesterday that no Vietnam vet has ever been President, and that perhaps all the great leaders of that generation simply died there. 
  • The Oklahoman just got hit with massive newsroom layoffs. Edit: Good lord -
  • Edit: Sen. Flake says he will vote to confirm Kavanaugh. He got an earful in the hallway.