Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • I talked to someone who went to the Civil War Museum in Fort Worth. You know, that one on west 820 around Lake Worth which you've driven by a thousand times? Verdict: Pretty, pretty good. 
  • There was a shooting death in Forest Hill over the weekend where the 25 year old victim, Roderick Brunswick, listed his hometown as Bridgeport. 
  • Tell me this can't possibly be true:
  • Here's Trump's lawyer acting crazy again. (1) He got mad at that?, (2) He didn't deny worrying about Trump's tweet?, and (3) And what does "Law School" have to do with any of this? 
  • We've got another security guard killing a guy at a strip club. A few weeks back it happened at Roxy Showgirl in north Fort Worth, and last night it happened off of Regal Road and Stemmons in Dallas (it sounds like in the area of Zona Rosa Cabaret.)
  • What a crazy race last night for a Ohio Congressional seat -- a district that is 86% white and which has been strongly Republican for decades There are still 5,038 absentee ballots and 3,435 provisional ballots outstanding. 
  • In women's professional basketball, the team from Las Vegas, after 25 hours of travel due to delayed and cancelled flights, decided they were too tired to play.
  • Man, if this is real, it is shocking: That's alleged audio of embattled car salesman Bart Reagor addressing his employees with a ton of F Bombs. It definitely sounds like him, and you've got to love him bragging about having a mansion on 19th Street in Lubbock. (And he makes Alec Baldwin speaking to the salesmen in Glengarry Glen Ross look like a choir boy.)
  • We've found the dumbest school board in America. The school board for Parkland, Florida (where the mass shooting occurred) was ordered to release some documents to the press but was allowed to make certain redactions. After the documents were provided, someone on Facebook told the paper, "Hey, if you'll just copy and paste that electronic document into Microsoft Word you'll be able to see the redacted text." (Paraphrased.) It worked. Now the school board is urging the court to find the paper in contempt for publishing the text that was supposed to be redacted. Good luck with all that. 
  • The officer in the story below rejected an odd plea bargain offer of, "Admit to hurting the dog and give up you officer certification and we will dismiss the case." At this point, the only thing that will save his career is a Not Guilty verdict. And it's not the strongest of cases against him. 
  • Greg Abbott's "bail bond reform" proposal was nothing more than trying to advance his own political career by using the death of a DPS Trooper. It won't change a thing. And the head of DPS, Steve McCraw, was right by his side when he did it. 
  • I'm telling you, that Manafort trial is getting weird. The judge and the prosecutor continue to fight, and the judge even accused him of crying in court.
  • Messenger: Above The Fold (Today's paper lists the new teachers in the districts around the county, and I noticed Bridgeport has a "Drone teacher.")