Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • This man cared waaaaay too much about Randy Moss be inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame.
  • Early on Sunday, Trump admitted that the now famous Trump Tower meeting with the Russians was about getting dirt on Hillary. This is amazing because: (1) He had previously dictated a statement, which is now shown to be a blatant lie, claiming the meeting was about adoption, and (2) He threw Donald Jr. under the bus but covered his own arse by claiming "I did not know about it!" No, sir, it is clearly illegal. Can Trump make Mueller's life any easier?
  • "Daddy! Why!?"
  • And this craziness almost makes us forget that last week he said AG Jeff Sessions "should" stop Mueller's Russian "witch hunt". Such a demand by Nixon, made in private but which eventually came to light because of the release of the tapes, was enough to make him correctly and honestly realize he was done:
  • Also almost forgotten: Trump had a bizarre late night Friday tweet attacking Lebron James of all people. You want to go after Lebron?
  • Make no mistake about it, they and many, many others believe this:
  • The following was on Friday, and it gave me great joy. If you click on the tweet, you'll get better photos and videos in the comments. The neighborhood kids and adults were having a blast. 
  • There was a White Supremacy rally in Oregon over the weekend. Sometimes recruiting for that club must be even harder than it already is:
  • What was more surprising about Johnny Football's CFL debut? (1) The fact the threw four interceptions in the first half, or (2) That he was facing 76 year old defensive coordinator Jerry Glanville (who is looking pretty good): 
  • This is great advice, but technically misleading. Legally, that sign must be posted "at the time and place" of the alleged violation in order for "driving in left lane - not passing" to be a crime. See Tex. Transp. Code § 544.004(b). It's been the subject of litigation as recently as 2013 where our highest criminal court determined there was no violation when the sign was posted some 15 to 20 miles away. 
  • Caught my attention: Why are Academy Awards in this day in time limited to films released in "theaters"? Why not online? And if the old rules apply, why can't Netflix build one theater, release one film and play it one time, and have it eligible for an Oscar?
  • At the prodding of a Faithful Reader, I listened to this Malcolm Gladwell podcast and learned a couple of things I didn't know. One, the U.S. Constitution allows a state to divide up into multiple states with the permission of that state and Congress. But here's the shocker: Congress has already given Texas permission, once it entered the Union, to divide up into four additional states. All we need is the Texas Legislature to act. (This was the subject of a Texas Law Review article in 2004.)  Think about this: The "old" Texas would have 10 Senators and, thus, basically control the country. But would they be blue or red? Someone has already create a map from a few years back.
  • This is the first "promoted" tweet (a paid ad) that Robert Jeffress has ever released. And it has to do with death and vengeance with support only from Genesis. 
  • Watch idiot parents fight at a youth baseball game in Plano. (Facebook video) It all started when a parent of the winning team yelled, "Hey, second place ain't bad" at the losing team. The Star-Telegram has a very slow-loading page explaining what happened.