Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • The craziest story you'll hear all day: An assistant Wake Forest basketball coach has been arrested for punching a tourist on Sunday after the tourist thought he was his Uber driver. The punch caused the tourist to fall and hit his head on the concrete. He's dead.
  • Yesterday Justice Sotomayor strongly dissented to the Court not staying a death sentence out of Tennessee. I would link to the facts of the case but that would cause any inclination you have to agree with her to quite probably vanish.
  • Like clockwork, I tried to give Trump credit yesterday for not tweeting about the "Witch Hunt" for three days and within three hours he did it.
  • I picture him in pajamas and jumping on his bed when he fired this one off:
  • The government will let you pick the logo for Space Force! Logos which appear to have been designed by a Fifth Grade class from Muleshoe. (No offense to the Fifth Graders of Muleshoe.)
  • And Space Force ($8 billion), just like The Wall ($25 billion), will never happen.
  • That Manafort case just got weirder. The prosecutor asked the judge to instruct the jury to not hold it against them that the judge scolded them yesterday. The judge amazingly did so and told the jury that he was wrong when he did it. So odd -- especially for a federal court. I don't think I've ever seen that even in state court. 
  • I want a courtroom sketch of me!
  • Laura Ingraham stepped into it a couple of days back by showing (again) she's a racist on Fox News. You know you've done a fine, fine job when America's best known Klan member, David Duke, backs you up. (I hadn't heard from Duke since he backed Trump for saying there was blame "on both sides" in Charlottesville.)
  • I understand how grand juries work. They don't work this way. That many indictments in one day is ridiculous.
  • Woodward and Bernstein watch Nixon's resignation: 
  • Nerdy college football stuff: A fantastic interactive graph showing which teams go for it the most on fourth down and their success rates. 
  •  Put down your phone! (Better quality.)
  • More random college football stuff: Since 2000, the number of true non-conference road games (not a neutral site) played by Alabama is six. That's amazing. 
  • I'm insane now
  • I'm "hip" enough to know Weezer covered Toto's Africa, but now I learn we have Weird Al joining Weezer on stage yet not changing the lyrics. (It's like a Twilight Zone episode.)
  • Add this to the list of Dumb Texas Laws: Gaming machines. (We had a raid in Bridgeport where ten were seized.)