Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Every weather forecast is basically: "Over the next few days, you may get rain or you may not. If you do, it might be heavy or it might be light." That's basically no forecast at all. 
  • I'm still trying to track it down, but there was a cop and a mayor of a small town near Waco who was one of the first to call 911 at the Twin Peaks biker incident. I think he is now the pastor of a church in Decatur. (It certainly is the same name, I'm just not sure it is the same person.)
  • Trump hasn't tweeted "Witch Hunt" in three days. And, other than complaining that rivers in California run into the Pacific Ocean, he's been pretty calm on Twitter. 
  • "As Reagor-Dykes employees are being 'placed on leave' following the dealerships’ legal troubles, workers are wondering what is the next step for them."
  • There was news yesterday of an alleged sexual assault in a bathroom in a bar/club in Dallas, and cops put out a sketch of the so-called Person of Interest. I looked up the club online and it had a photo gallery. I feel sorry for the DJ depicted in the photo gallery who certainly is not a suspect. 

  • It was very weird yesterday for Southlake PD to highlight two DWI arrests of females who allegedly hit each other while driving different vehicles.  The "thread" had a bit of glee and satisfaction to it. 
  • I also thought it was odd that the Star-Telegram picked up the story and called the ladies "drunk" without using "alleged."
  • Speaking of, this is a very weird Star-Telegram story. At the end of it, it lists twelve products by name (with links) that comprise this gal's make-up.  Prescotte Stokes III is the author.
  • I watched the first episode of Hard Knocks. It is easy to tell why the Cleveland Browns are so bad and the finger points at an entire coaching staff that is sleep-walking. 
  • Some serious hail in Colorado Springs.
  • I wrote about Kobach's scam a few days ago. He just won the Kansas race for Republican nominee for governor a couple of days ago by only 191 votes, and his opponent has demanded a recount. Since Kobach is Secretary of State, he will oversee the recount and refuses to recuse himself. 
  • Nixon walked out of the White House for the last time on this day in 1974. 
  • "There are some men in this world who were born to do our unpleasant jobs for us.” - To Kill a Mockingbird