Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Sounds like lots of Decatur was without electricity last night. 
  • Well, Trump explained his Russian press conference fiasco with a statement yesterday. He said he meant to say "wouldn't" and not "would." Anyone believe that? Heck, Trump gave an interview to Sean Hannity the same night as the press conference and didn't apologize for a thing or make a correction.
  • And while awkwardly reading his prepared remarks, the cameras caught that he had struck through the line about “bringing anyone responsible to justice" for the election hacking.
  • But in case you believe that the last two days have been a disaster for Trump, he corrects you this morning: You are just dumb.
  • Today's White House briefing has been cancelled. Come on, Sarah. Walk out there and defend him. Edit: I may have been wrong about this. I am Fake News.
  • The Wise County Reunion begins on July 23rd. Projected high that day: 105. If you want to get your cabin ready on Sunday, you're in luck: It'll be 107.

  • August 28 primary for a Senate seat in Arizona: "A poll conducted by Phoenix-based OH Predictive Insights (OHPI) has McSally ahead with a little over 39 percent of the vote, followed by former state Sen. Kelli Ward at 24.5 percent and former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio trailing far behind at nearly 14 percent. About 22 percent of voters remain undecided."
  • This is misleading in the bicyclist case in Grand Prairie. "Accident Involving Death" actually refers to a section of the Texas Transportation Code which outlines the responsibilities you are under if involved in an accident which results in death. See §550.021. But the way it is labeled gives you the impression that you can be charged with a felony simply for being in an "accident" which resulted in death. 
  • But that's a good starting place for the defense in that case: "The State has alleged she was involved in an accident. They don't say she caused his death. They don't say she committed Manslaughter. They don't even say she acted with Criminal Negligence."
  • You don't think running backs in the NFL are ran into the ground? In 2014, DeMarco Murray set the single season rushing record for the Cowboys. He gained more yards that year than Emmitt Smith or Tony Dorsett ever did. He also carried the ball 392 times. Once again, more than Smith or Dorsett ever did.  Now he retires from the league after seven seasons.
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