Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • More proof the Texas criminal justice system is screwed up (and Williamson County in particular): The County Judge has been criminally charged with Official Oppression after telling the Sheriff to stop tweeting. I've preached for years that just because something is technically a crime doesn't make it practically a crime. 
  •  This question was in the Star-Telegram yesterday in Texas Gardening Guru Neil Sperry's column: “Why is my St. Augustine burning up? I’m watering it a couple of time weekly, but it’s just getter browner.”  His answer: "You’ve described classic symptoms of chinch bugs, and this looks to be a record year for the little pests . . . . " Far be it for me to question the expert, but I think the sun and drought probably has more to do with it. 
  • The Drudge Report was basically tweeting out porn yesterday.  
  • That Russian spy got around. She is seen here with Rick Santorum when he was a presidential candidate.
  • I've mentioned that for decades I have a dream with the same theme: I'm in school (high school, college, or law), and I find myself on an unfamiliar campus trying to find my classes and learning it is near the end of a semester with finals coming up. Last night, I stumbled upon a Twitter thread where hundreds of people chimed in to say they suffer from the same dream. 
  • Fort Worth PD is being very quiet about this bank robbery where shots were fired and bank employees were hit. (No money was taken - something very rare. The fact that people were injured - more rare.)
  • I had a feeling this case would not end well. Mental health is a major issue. (If you want to do some morbid research, take a look at the website of the medical examiner's office for Tarrant County and see how many times "Suicide" is listed as the cause of death.)
  • This was an incredible moment yesterday. And I bet the Toddler In Chief is going to be livid.
  • Look at the bizarre "Bomb Squad" entry in today's Update. I have so many questions.
  • I find this pretty shocking: Despite the population of Texas booming, misdemeanor DWI cases filed in Texas courts have basically been cut in half since 1985. (Source at p. 137)
  • But misdemeanor drug cases (basically marijuana and prescription medication possessed without a prescription) have skyrocketed. 

  • I saw this stat in the same document: The number of criminal cases for violations of the traffic laws of the State of Texas for the fiscal year 2016 was 2,050,299.
  • Yet another case where the State couldn't prove "reckless":