Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Undoubtedly, Trump's worst day as president was yesterday as he stood before the world and took the word of a murderous former KGB agent who had hacked a U.S. election over the word of every intelligence agency of the U.S. as well as his staff.  Russia dominated us for all to see.
  • Even Fox News couldn't defend him yesterday. And this morning, shockingly, even Fox and Friends turned on him: "But that moment is the one that’s going to stand out unless he comes out and corrects it."
  • The next time Trump has one of his campaign rallies, remember yesterday when he tells his gullible audience, "I'm putting America first again!"
  • Rare Random High School Football Thought: The coach of Odessa Permian quit yesterday to become the AD at Midland. That's kind of late notice for a season that is about to kick off.
  • The NFL distributed more than $8 billion to its teams this summer. (That's $255 million each. Keep in mind the "salary cap" this year is $177 million for 2018.) That $255 million does not include revenue that each team makes on its own: Ticket sales, parking, concessions and every other possible side gig you can imagine. And the sales price of each franchise also continues to skyrocket.
  • I've gone double country: I went from using liver as catfish bait to using liver baked in garlic powder cooked in the sun as catfish bait (in order to make it tougher so it'll stay on the hook.) Works like a charm. Nasty, but works like a charm. 
  • It came across as a formal process, but the Not Guilty verdict by reason of insanity yesterday by a judge in Fort Worth was all orchestrated. The prosecution knew they couldn't "win", the defense knew it, all experts from both sides said she was insane, and the judge did the only thing he could: Not guilty. I only call it "orchestrated" because there were certainly meetings between the judge, defense, and prosecutor behind close doors (all ethical) to script the hearing out beforehand for the public and the cameras.
  • There's something going on within the Decatur ISD school board. I'm not sure it was a procedural "nuclear option" that they went through last night, but it was done for a reason. 
  • The Trump press conference buried the news yesterday of a Russian spy, who had cozied up to the NRA, being arrested for trying to set up a "back channel" to Trump. Social Media is abuzz this morning about a photo from the New York Times which might possibly show her in the Oval Office with other Russians in 2017.
  • Edit: It looks like that may not be her. Someone made a funny about it: 
  • The Big 12 Media Days are going on in Frisco. I'm shocked to learn that each team thinks they will do well this year. 
  • Is the World Cup still going on? (For Ticket fans: Have you ever wanted to strangle the radio as much as you have with all the "soccer talk" they broadcast?)
  • Trump famously said that he could shoot a man on Fifth Avenue and his base would still love him. It figuratively happened yesterday.