Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Edit: Oops: 1.5 hours late today. Didn't push a button!
  • I didn't know the City of Boyd had evening city court. 
  • Whatever happened to the "consultant" for the Dallas Mavericks who was hired after the workplace scandal? There was a splashy press conference and then we never heard from her again.
  • I was Fake News yesterday when I said there would not be a White House press conference. There was. And I loved this question: "Why should this president have any credibility to Americans in what he says if in fact 24 hours later — or in this case, three hours later — the White House comes out and says, 'Just kidding'?"
  • Trump has endorsed this guy for governor of Georgia. He has an ad where he tells us he even has a big truck in case he needs to deport "criminal illegal aliens" himself. 
  • Highway 1 at Big Sur has reopened. (It was closed 14 months ago due to a landslide and took $54 million to repair.)
  • There's an interesting case going on out of Collin County where a guy left his kid in a hot car. Yesterday the judge directed a verdict of Not Guilty on the Manslaughter charge but will let the jury consider a lesser charge of Criminal Negligence.  (I've written time and time again how some prosecutors don't know the tremendously difficult in proving the definition of "recklessness" which is the standard for Manslaughter.)
  • The fact that Blockbuster is down to one store has been in the news. Question: Where does that store get its videos? There cannot possibly be a Blockbuster "corporate office" or warehouse that supplies videos to one store. 
  • Eight tweets from Trump this morning and four of them complain about "Fake News." He's losing it.
  • Fox 4 had a story last night on heat and the "Cavaliers Drum and Bugle Corps out of Chicago which are practicing up in Denton for a performance tonight."  All those boys were shirtless. I'm no expert, but I don't think that's the best way to beat the heat. Those who live in the Middle East wear loose fitting and light fabric -- they don't go shirtless.
  • Someone pointed out to me that on Sunday the Texas Rangers have a day game. Projected attendance is? 
  • Fort Worth PD announced the arrest of a guy for the beating of a girl on the street back in April. I feel like I missed that story. The girl is still in the hospital and might need a new heart. (And that guy looks eerily familiar to me.)
  • Spiffy monuments have been put up in Boyd to commemorate its two State Champion football teams (and one Regional Championship team which must have members still around who lobbied to be included.)
  • On the same day that UNC's football coach makes the crazy statements below, UT announces one of its offensive lineman will never play football against due to a concussion he received in Spring practice. 
  • Putin made the cover of Time. (It's actually a morphed face of Trump and Putin although I see 90% Putin and 10% Trump.)
  • Come on, Ted. Man up!
  • That Russian spy who was arrested makes The Americans seem like a documentary . . .