Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Trump will have a MAGA rally today in Minnesota. He does this whenever he feels he needs to feel loved. And he definitely is not feeling loved these days. 
  • Wanna see a brawl of of white, redneck, and overweight parents at a Tennessee girls' softball game? Here ya go:
  • DHS Secretary, Kirstjen Nielsen, who lied through her teeth about the "Separation of Families" at a White House briefing, decided it would be a good idea to eat at an upscale Mexican restaurant last night. Hecklers caused her to leave. "Shame!"
  • My Sports Expert Prediction is halfway home. Yesterday at predicted UT would be eliminated at the College World Series. It happened. I also predicted Tech would upset Arkansas. We have to wait on that one because the game was postponed until today. 
  • General Electric was booted off the DOW yesterday. It had been listed since 1896 making it the longest resident on the DOW until Tuesday.  It will be replaced by Walgreens. 
  • Want to be disgusted by Fox News again? Let's look at their political analyst and former Trump campaign manager's comments from last night.
  • After a Senate vote yesterday in Canada, recreational marijuana possession across that nation will become legal. 
  • With the child immigration crisis at fever pitch (we've now created "tender age shelters" for babies and toddlers), the U.S. announced yesterday that we would withdraw from the Human Rights Council at the U.N.  And it was on Juneteenth. Our timing is impeccable. 
  • Second year OU coach, Lincoln Riley, received a new contract yesterday which will pay him $4.8 million a year through 2023.  He is 34.
  • These guys on the clock? Fort Worth taxpayer dollars being used on bits? 
  • Let's check in on the pulse of West Texas:
  • Wise County Messenger: Above the Fold