Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Former Tech coach Mike Leach, who I've always been entertained by, went off the deep end this weekend posting on Twitter a doctored video of Obama. When the masses pointed out to him it was fake, he could only say, "Prove it!" He's at Washington State right now. He'll probably never coach a bigger program.
  • This "Separating Kids From Their Families" brouhaha has blown up in Trump's face. Late yesterday, Ted Cruz introduced an "emergency bill" to stop it. And now every living first lady, including Trump's wife, have come out against the Trump policy. 
  • Let's check in on Fox News who had Ann Coulter on. She called the crying migrant children "child actors" who had been given "scripts" and told Trump not to "fall for it."  Good lord.
  • Speaking of Fake News:
  • Funny (at least as funny as it can be):
  • For the life of me, I don't understand this Phil Mickelson outrage for hitting a rolling putt before it ran off the green. He was assessed a two shot penalty. (I just wish he would have made it -- and he almost did.)
  • Thanks for all the kinds messages and emails yesterday. I was surprised that so many people supported shutting the comments off. 
  • So Trump suddenly wants to establish a sixth military branch called "Space Force"? Any bets on whether he stumbled on an episode of Star Trek the night before? (He oddly said that is would be "separate but equal" to the other branches. That's a term the Supreme Court used to justify segregation of schools in Plessy v. Ferguson.)
  • The official Texas Republican Platform, revised last week, calls for the abolition of CPS, the return of an Confederate statue that has been removed, supports a "bathroom bill", and calls for the State to inform parents they can opt out of vaccinating their children. 
  • Hot sports opinion: Texas gets eliminated from the College World Series this afternoon, and Texas Tech wins to go to 2-0. 
  • The Supreme Court has announced that it will decide will hear (again) a case of whether the federal government or state governments get to decide if a moose hunter can use a hovercraft in a national preserve. I never thought I'd have to learn moose hunting with a hovercraft law. 
  • This implies the City of Dallas forced the "church" to take them down. Nope. The billboard company, a private entity, said "We don't want your business." It's kind of like a baker refusing to make a cake for a gay couple. 
  • Rapper XXXTentacion was shot dead in Miami. And with that, I just disclosed every single thing I know about XXXTentacion.