Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • I didn't know she was a tone-deaf as her husband. (That's her, obviously, on the left. The photo on the right is a stock photo from the site where you can buy the jacket for $39 from Zara.) It took the public quite a while yesterday to believe she actually wore it on the way to Texas because it was so unthinkable and outrageous. 
  • Trump's explanation was soooooooo believable.  (Did he not know that the spokesman said there was "no hidden message?")
  • It was a bad day (all day) in Dallas traffic yesterday when a tanker overturned on the High Five. 
  • I haven't made a Dennis Prager post in quite awhile because I never listen to him. I tuned in for five minutes yesterday and he didn't disappoint. He had a caller on who called Trump a "Nazi." (Honestly, that's a little harsh. He's a White Nationalist but probably not a Nazi.) Anyway, Prager, in a strange bit of logic, told the caller he must be a Holocaust Denier. "Huh?" I thought. Prager's logic: Trump hasn't killed anyone, so if you believe he is a Nazi, you must believe the Nazis didn't kill Jews.  My head was spinning by the psuedo-intellectualism on full display again.
  • The Mavs drafted Luka Doncic. I'm a big fan. 
  • And I had no idea, based upon the players suits, that I'll need to get new ones which are skin tight and which expose my sockless ankles.
  • By all accounts, this happened yesterday in the Collin County Courthouse parking lot. 
  • A former Baylor student was acquitted Wednesday of sexual assault of a coed. I thought the defense had a pretty good case when the prosecutor told the jury that alleged victim didn't remember anything that happened that night because she was too drunk. 
  • Watch Channel 8's sport coverage of 18 year old David Clyde pitching debut in 1973. It's about the pre-game sales with footage of people coming up to the box office. (You have to see the buyers as well as how the tickets are sold -- "You take a personal check?") It also shows how the tracking of tickets sold and their locations was done by hand in a log book.
  • Chico ISD's school board voted to allow "certain" employees to carry guns on campus. Look out!
  • A guy has been arrested in the murder of a woman found in a high tone area of Fort Worth. An ex-boyfriend is the accused. They seem like an unlikely couple.  (She was allegedly in involved in "bringing" In And Out Burgers to Texas. Fox News reported a while back that even the manager of one of those restaurants makes $160k.)
  • The NSA has quietly moved all of its data (and that's a ton of data created by the surveillance of your phone calls, emails and texts) to a "secret" cloud based storage. What could possible go wrong? 
  • A Wise County case involving a life sentence was affirmed yesterday by the Fort Worth Court of Appeals. (The text of the opinion had not been released as I write this although it should have been.)