Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • ABC had a graphics screw-up. (But Manafort, Trump's former campaign manager who is sitting in jail, would probably take those charges.) 
  • I missed my Tech over Arkansas upset prediction although Tech did make a run at them in the end. 7-4. (That one day rain delay complicated my hundreds of pages of research I used to make my initial prediction.) 
  • TxDOT has put up signs that read: "“AWWWW SNAP YOUR SEAT BELT”.  I saw one and it gave me Slumped Shoulders. 
  • As we move towards Idiocracy, expect to see more and more graphics like this. And have you noticed that some stations, instead of using the "Heat Index" temperature, have gone to using the "Feels Like" temperature. 
  • Trump seemed to like being part of The Swamp in Minnesota last night: 
  • Trump is a walking cluster but there has been no bigger cluster than this "Family Separation" cluster. From the White House saying (1) It's the law -- It's not. (2) Only Congress can fix it -- Not true. (3) It was not White House policy -- It was, and (4)  It can't be fixed by Executive Order -- It was. 
  • And when the White House web site officially released the text of the ambiguous executive order they had to take it down. Why? They misspelled "separation".
  • The dumbest DA in the State, Abel "Let's Indict Every Twin Peaks Biker" Reyna, went off the rails again this week when he fired one of his prosecutors for providing information to the FBI about alleged corruption in his office. Dear McLennan County: I'd have my lawyers start researching Whistleblower law. 
  • My interest in the NBA Draft on a scale of 1 to 10: 1. My interest in the NHL Draft: -1.
  • I finally was forced to start using Windows 10. Who designed that thing? Even finding the "restart" button or the "control panel" button is a battle.
  • The modern day Klan of White Nationalists continue to come out into the light with tentative approval to hold a rally across from the White House. #BloodAndSoil #Trump:FinePeopleOnBothSides
  • Dirk turned 40 this week, and someone dug up this. (Sefko now works for the Dallas Morning News.) 
  • Welcome to the longest day of the year.
  • The head of Intel resigned this morning after revealing he had a consensual relationship with an employee. He had a salary of $6.5 million a year. Don't feel bad for him. In 2017, he sold some of his Intel stock for $24 million, and he still holds 250,000 shares.