Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • That was a freaky cold day on Saturday. I felt bad for those at Texas Motor Speedway, those who had to go to kid's baseball or softball game, and any festival that was planned.
  • I was in a Bridgeport grocery store early on Saturday morning and heard, directed at me, "Look at the big noggin' on this guy." It was a Wise County Sheriff's Office investigator.
  • There's a Bridgeport law firm who is now involved in a  Harris County lawsuit regarding Hurricane Harvey and they have a co-counsel named Muhammad Azis. I've got talk to them about the whole deal.
  • There is too much time between the primary election and the runoff election in Texas.
  • I've dogged Wise County Crime Stoppers for years. For every person placed on probation, that person pays them $50. Trust me, there is a ton of money they have collected. I've always wanted someone just to simply tell me what the balance of the account is but they won't. (However, that Messenger story about the theft the NRS did lead to a tip and an arrest.)
  • On a Ticket show on Saturday some millienals who were hosting it dogged Caddyshack because they didn't "understand the humor." We are all doomed. 
  • Oh, no! Diamond and Silk, the token African Americans on Fox News, are mad ("Uh, huh! That's right!"):

  • I don't know if Facebook "censored" them are not. If they did, there is an explanation: Facebook is a private company and can control the content in any way they wish. 
  • Here's is what you say if you are in the pulpit of a Megachurch: "You might be hurting today. You might have been passed over for a promotion at work. Your marriage might be in trouble. You might have a son or daughter who is involved with drugs.  A good friend might have said something hurtful or betrayed your trust. Your finances may be scaring you and you don't know how you will ever climb out of that debt. But let me send this message to you . . . . " It's like taking candy from a baby. 
  • If my nephew and his wife were to have a baby, what does that make me? I wouldn't be an uncle. Grand uncle? Great Uncle? Second Uncle? 
  • The end to the Astros/Padre game over the weekend was a tragic comedy. I showed it to Mrs. LL and even she said, "I want to see that again." (Tied 0-0 in the bottom of the 10th.)
  • Random thought as I was watching The Masters: I don't like Jordan Spieth, but I don't know why.
  • There is a weird double death in an "upscale" home in Collin County. Once again, cops say there is "no danger to the public" but don't tell us what happened. 
  • There was another gas attack in Syria that killed children. Warning: This is hard to watch. Our  useless bombing of their air strip with 59 Tomahawk missiles that did less damage than a Molotov cocktail (the airport was functioning again within 48 hours) didn't do much good.  #MAGA
  • And he still shot a 65 on Saturday:
  • There was a fire at Trump Tower this weekend. A person died. Firefighters were hurt.

  • Trump will be Trump in response:
  • Mark Zuckerberg will appear before a Congressional committee this week. Take this to the bank: He will have an incredibly awkward, nervous, and stumbling performance. It's not that he's not a brilliant guy, he just can't handle being in the spotlight.