Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • The pastor of the Gateway megachurch in the metroplex underwent emergency surgery after having complications from routine hernia surgery. For some reason, his wife thought it would be a good idea to share a video of him being wheeled into surgery. (Never let a tragedy go to waste. Always be closing.)
  • That TWU murder case where the guy dismembered and burned her body near Grapevine Lake might be fascinating. Heck, I don't know what happened, but if that guy doesn't testify, he'll be convicted of murder. 
  • Where  did  this constantly advertising lawyer Ben Abbott come from? We all know that we just want to see ads from The Texas Hammer. At least he has good shtick. 
  • We've got a huge tree in the front yard which is now dead. I have a feeling it won't be cheap to have it removed. What is a ballpark cost to have a massive tree removed along with its roots?
  • Trump's  personal lawyer (once again, the dumbest lawyer in America for admitting paying Stormy Daniels $130,000 to not talk about Trump cheating on his third wife with a new baby) had his place raided by the FBI yesterday. Let's just say the sky is getting "stormy" for Trump. #RockMe
  • The "Grab Em By" Guy (left) and Stormy (right).
    Wife and Barron (not pictured.). 
  • I'm going to remind you again: Trump's trusted lawyer went to the Cooley School of Law which is widely regarded as the worst law school in America
  • And that high toned lawyer claims to have obtained the $130,000 by accessing his home equity line of credit. Trump's lawyer didn't have $130,000 available in cash? . 
  • Don't forget this graphic from Fox News about Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Man, they loved him in the beginning:
  • Last weekend Mrs. LL spotted a beautiful red cardinal and then handed me the binoculars she was using. I told her we were officially old since we were both excited "bird watchers."
  • Every homeowner in Texas is giddy because of their home values going up. Then they see their escrow account notice about how much their payment is going up because of the increase in property taxes. 
  • Mrs. LL, the Freshman in the House, and I had a big discussion about "advocacy." My position was that if you truly do not believe what you are saying to an audience then that audience will know you are a fraud within 30 seconds. 
  • I walked right past this lady in my lobby yesterday and didn't realize it until 30 seconds later. (She wasn't there to see me.) 
  • When I was DA, I had to testify in federal court as a records custodian in connection with an infamous case out of Wise County. The assistant U.S. attorney wanted to meet with me beforehand so I went to Fort Worth to do so. I'll never forget the last words out of his mouth as the meeting concluded: "You be careful up there." 
  • Shout out to the one Dennis Prager fan out there. His book is now outside Amazon's Top 100 and is nowhere to be found. (His book, by the way, is his attempt to explain the Bible. Prager is Jewish.)
  • That NASCAR crowd at the Texas Motor Speedway last weekend looked very small. I think that sport is in serious trouble. Remember the days when even the back grandstand was full?