Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Wow: The Wise County Messenger's Wednesday edition will now be free. I'll speculate that the reason is this: Can you make more money off paid subscriptions or going to potential advertisers and telling them it is being sent to 27,000 houses?
  • From the best I can tell from discovery disclosures of videos in my criminal cases, body cams are now fully or partially implemented at Decatur PD, Bridgeport PD, Boyd PD, and the Wise County Sheriff's Office. I don't think I've ever watched a video from DPS with a body cam. With their massive budget, that is surprising. 
  • His spelling is worse than mine:
  • I told you Zuckerberg, who suffers from anxiety, would not like testifying before Congress. This moment (photo below) had to have been frightening for him. Overall, however, he did very well.  That being said, Congressional hearings are nothing but a dog and pony show.  If I were him, I would have been so tempted to tell them, "I'm the owner of a company where I allow citizens, even you, to make money off of me. I'm a billionaire because of the private sector and American Capitalism. You are government employees who live off of my taxes and all the Facebook users who pay taxes. You are our servants but have forgotten that. Get off my ass." Then you walk out. Look back and say, "If you want to subpoena me, do it. I'll show up. Let's see how that works out for you in the next election."
  • One Congressman told him, with all America to see, "Your user agreement sucks." That may be true but that could be a scene right out of Idiocracy.
  • Trump cancelled his South American trip. Why?
  • I made this pun (the name of the album) the other day and the Females in the House told me it was an old joke. "Let me tell you where it came from," I said.
  • For you old folks familiar with the songs on the album, I happen to know an incredibly successful businessman in Decatur who broke up with his high school girlfriend (temporarily) and told her, "It's time for me to fly."  He came to his senses and has been married to her for at least 30 years. 
  • I had a brief but great discussion with someone at the courthouse yesterday about both of us retiring in the future. We both worried if we would get bored if we did. I thought it was funny that later in the day I saw that the coach of the Highland Park Scots, who had retired a month or so ago, announced that he was coming back. 
  • Oh, my!!! Fox News' Diamond and Silk attacked Ted Cruz! "Uh, huh! That's right!"
  • I'm trying to convince Mrs. LL to get a picture of us with Stormy Daniels when she comes to Fort Worth. Unless we are both lazy that day, it's a done deal. 
  • Whatever happened to Boil In A Bag meals? (I think I've got that name right.)
  • The original Roseanne was horrible. The new version is worse. And the fact that they actually use a laugh track in 2018 tells you all you need to know. (I'm ashamed that the great John Goodman would allow himself to be a part of it.)
  • I've been beaten down for years from those who say, "I don't have anything to hide. The police can search my house at any time even without a warrant."  Now those same people are upset about a good and honest man investigating Trump.
  • If Trump "fires" Mueller, which the incompetent Sarah Huckabee Sanders said yesterday he had the right to do, the Justice Department would simply ignore him and the investigation and grand jury would continue. Who do you think wins that war? I know. We have no Kings in America.