Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • That was some incredibly thick fog this morning. 
  • Fox 4 did a segment on the Bridgeport's "off road" park. 
  • There is a growing number of companies boycotting the NRA mostly in the travel industry. How many of their members fly or rent cars?
  • Trump went off the rails at CPAC and his "Snake" poem about, as he said, immigration was maybe the most racist thing I've ever heard from a president of the U.S. 
  • Jessie Ventura, who has said some crazy things, did say something one time that makes perfect sense: You have to be twenty-one to buy a beer, sixteen to drive, and eighteen to die on the battlefield. He didn't care what age we picked, but let's make it consistent across the board. 
  • Mueller, the special counsel, got another guilty plea on Friday from a guy close to Trump for connections with the Ukraine. He does all of this on Friday to keep out of the news cycle as much as possible. I'll say it again: Tell your kids they are watching Watergate x 10. It's coming. 
  • Last week a fifteen year old Russian won a gold medal in figure skating. I thought about asking the Freshman In The House, "See what you could do?" but I'm afraid she would come back with, "You're a lot older, tell me about your gold medals."
  • Everyone dogs me for my "commercial disguised as content" stance, but I'll never give it up. My favorite radio station, The Ticket, over the last week has dedicated multiple segments to Black Panther where every member of the show (hosts and producer) went to see it -- and those guys never go to movies. And on Friday night, NBC Nightly News had a segment on a USA Network show about the deaths of Tupac and Biggie Smalls. I looked it up: The USA Network is an NBC property. 
  • Since Sheriff Clarke is no longer a sheriff and can no longer show up with a hat and medals, Fox News has found a new one. 
  • I finally have a car with remote start. Greatest. Invention. Ever. 
  • When the news broke of the home that exploded in Dallas on Friday one station gave the exact address. When I googled it, its value came up and it was close to $300,000. (It's close to some high tone properties.)
  • This was the dumbest editorial I have read in a long time. There's a law against student-teacher sex and an equivalent law about law enforcement-inmate sex. You simply can't do it. It's not a "loophole" at all. The penalties for non-consensual contact are harsher. 
  • The Texas political ads are insane. It's Republican on Republican carnage. 
  • I've got all the Waco episodes recorded. The more I watch it, the more infuriating it makes me. The whole thing from beginning to end was a cluster. (The Dallas Morning News put this on the front page yesterday.)
  • Mrs. LL has bronchitis and it is not pleasant. (But I did laugh when she took a swig of cough syrup this morning and proclaimed, "This is good stuff!")