Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • I haven't been out to the Decatur Swap Meet in years but, due to weather, Friday and early Saturday had to have been horrible. That had to be nothing but mud. 
  • Cuban came across badly yesterday. For a staged press conference, his very limited role was horribly scripted. 
  • Car dealer Clay Cooley reminds me of Joel Osteen. And I trust Cooley more. 
  • Rangers TV broadcaster C.J. Nitkowski "liked" a Proud Boys post on Twitter and it might just cost him. (He has since deleted past tweets yet won't apologize.) I talked about that group a lot last year.  
  • He would have run into the Parkland school even if unarmed? He won't even take a raindrop for his kid. 
  • And he's really nervous again this morning: 
  • Flashback: 
  • President Obama said a cop "acted stupidly" and everyone went crazy. Trump calls a cop a "coward" and "disgusting" and we are all OK with it?
  • Lots of headlines say Carroll ISD has "settled" with ex-coach Hal Wasson. Well, if "settle" means that they paid him what they promised to pay him, I guess they are correct. 
  • Austin ISD has voted to eliminate all Confederate names on schools.