Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • Let's check in on Trump's mental health this morning. Uh, oh: 
  • And that one replaced his first attempt (at 5:42 a.m EST.) when he went with "Alex" and "dieing": 
  • And Another (Florida):
  • And Another (Idaho):
  • Someone commented yesterday that there might be more to this Atmos fiasco over in Dallas than just shifting soil. Atmos will inspect people's homes and make repairs inside the home. They have no obligation to do that. That's like you asking your water supplier to fix a leaky pipe in your bathroom. Did Atmos do something wrong? Is it possible to over-pressurize natural gas pipes?  There's more to this story. 
  • Also on Atmos, the logistics of relocating the residents of 2,800 homes is mind-blowing. There's no way to know how many people were living in each home. So when you are providing vouchers and/or hotel rooms to all those "living" in the restricted area, you've got a heck of a problem on your hands. And the opportunity to fraud is beyond high. ("Hey, Bill, let's say you were living with us. That way you'll get a check.")
  • Trump, unilaterally, declared he will raise tariffs on steel and aluminum. If you sell steel/aluminum you are ecstatic. If you purchase steel/aluminum or work for a company who does  (that's 99% of the rest of the country), you are screwed. Even conservatives went nuts about this attack on capitalism.
  • No. 1 Virginia was down by four with under a second to go last night and won
  • Johnny Football is working on his comeback by relaxing on vacation with his scantily clad girlfriend. 
  • Michael W. Smith will sing at Billy Graham's funeral today. I want the Vegas odds on whether or not he sings Friends.
  • Anyone know the back story on this crazy photo? Is it real? Is that really KISS?
  • Message to any prosecutor anywhere in the country when talking to the press after a big court win: Don't say, "They jury sent a clear message that [insert crime] will not be tolerated in [insert county]." At least be original.
  • Looks like the Wise County D.A.'s office has another murder case on their hands. 
  • Every school in West Virginia will remain closed today due to a teacher's strike. That's the fifth straight day. West Virginia may be one of our most Wheels Off states, but their teachers sure are organized.