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I'm Sure All Of You Have Seen This

He was getting out of the way, but that fall almost put him back in harm's way.  He didn't give the other driver a ticket or warning, considered it an accident, and sent them on their way.


Anonymous said...

Well, he wasn't actually getting out of the way, he was getting in the way. The car was stupidly trying to make a late transition from the exit lane (probably the patrol car was blocking an earlier move), but the cop turned one obstacle -- cop/car together -- into two separate obstacles, and forced the car to try to avoid them both. If the cop had stayed put, or even moved the other way, the moving car would have just joined the lane of traffic without incident.

Anonymous said...

Video of multiple wrecks on Fort Worth's cartoon-ish 7th Street bridge over the Trinity River. WFAA's Todd Unger captured the mayhem. Lightning McQueen & Sally Carrera would look right at home crossing Cowtown's cartoon of a bridge.

Anonymous said...

Yup, you might know it would be the cops fault. After all it is Barry's blog.