Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • Trump is now calling Steve Bannon "Sloppy Steve." The guy is a teenage boy. Check that. An immature teenage boy. 
  • I never watch WFAA so I don't know much about Alexa Conomos who is quitting after nearly 20 years. But I thought it was interesting that she will join a new real estate firm that "buys and sells" homes which is owned by her husband and brother. They also own Veritas Wine Bar and Dallas restaurants Rapscallion and Boulevardier.
  • I had forgotten that Steve Bannon sat for a while on the National Security Council. 
  • Oklahoma teacher accused of bringing meth, heroin, prescription drugs, needles and syringes to school. I have a lot of questions. 
  • Fox News, with Trump making it hard to be a fan boy, have resorted nightly to very relevant stories. 
  • Mickey Gilley was in a car wreck. He was banged up, but it looks like he will be OK.
  • I don't know how airlines pull it off. Last night, there were a ton of flights cancelled out of DFW headed to the Northeast. This morning there are two. The logistics of rescheduling thousands of passengers and hundreds of flights would be a nightmare.
  • New Alabama senator Doug Jones is sworn in by the Vice President who is not exactly gay friendly. 
  • The Dow cracked 25,000 yesterday and it's been a good year. But not as good as Obama's first year: 
  • A DC bookstore stayed open until 1:00 a.m. last night since it could begin legally selling Fire and Fury at midnight. It appears to have been a good decision. 
  • I noticed that the local Republican Party will hold a meeting in the JP 2 courtroom in the Sheriff's Office. I'm curious: Does the group pay a fee for using that public building? If not, can anyone use it for free?