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SpanishWarDonkey said...

At some point in the future, Donald Trump is going to say, on camera for all the world to see, "I was never President of the United States."

Anonymous said...

C'mon, that's just Donnie being Donnie!!!

Anonymous said...

Sessions is killing my marijuana stock and now I’m having to buy more chevron because they will be drilling off the Santa Barbara coast.

Bear said...

President Trump did not say he would not let the AG ban it. He said "He" would not ban it.

Stop twisting his words.

Anonymous said...

This probably has to do with CNN on NYE on a bus in Colorado showing people smoking and the anchor taking a drag or two on the air.

Anonymous said...


I got no idea what you're talking about but if it requires me to watch CNN to be thus enlightened I guess I'm just gonna have to take your word for it.

You really need to get a hobby. Television is rotting your brain.

And why did smoking tobacco fall so far from grace and smoking marijuana become okay?

Anonymous said...

Smoking tobacco has been medically proven to cause or make worse numerous health conditions. Marijuana has been shown to be beneficial in many situations. That's both for medical and recreational uses. As with alcohol, no one advocates excessive or unlimited use. Btw, I'm in Washington state and need to bring back some medical stuff for Tx friends.

Anonymous said...


I guess you know that that's illegal? But hey, go ahead and break the laws you deem unworthy of your compliance. Just brace yourself for an entire society that decides that's an acceptable way to live. Trust me, you're not gonna like some of my choices once you've set the precedent.

Conversely, responsible citizens might try to change bad laws, rather than ignore them.

Your grasp of physics as it pertains to coefficients of friction on slippery slopes is severely lacking.