Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Trump really lost it last night. 
  • From the Dallas Morning News:This happened around 2:00 a.m. this morning. 
  • Remember me reference the ex-Baylor wide receiver who, after being drafted last year, was cut by three different teams and didn't make the practice squad on any of them. Well, the Dallas Cowboys have signed him this week.
  • I've gotten through 80% of Baby Driver, and it was nothing like I was expecting. It's dark. It's smart. It's tense. But it had a distracting aspect because it is centered around a young man who keeps getting hired for crime gigs by a character played by Kevin Spacey.
  • This is (1) Horrible breaking news, and (2) The most confusing statement I read in a long time. 
  • Mrs. LL has decided to install one of those doorbell cameras by herself. I'll be dang, so far so good. (My only job was to trip the breaker which was no easy task when over half of them are not labeled!) 
  • A winter "bomb cyclone" is about to hit the lower east coast? That's a new one on me. (It's snowing all over North Florida right now and they are freaking out.)
  • This is from a parody site, and it's funny: 
  • I heard there was a sign at the Decatur Post Office warning of long lines due to illness. (There is a lot of sickness going on out there and it seems to linger.)
  •  I forgot to mention about the New York trip: One of the oddest moments was when the Teenagers in the House became giddy when they saw a subway rat.