Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • This is a former Texas rep and former Bridgeport guy who, incidentally, I talked to in Brookshires during the summer:
  • I found Ivanka Trump's twitter account and it is shocking because all she does is try to sell crap. Then, over the weekend, she told us this is how we should decorate the Thanksgiving table. What am I looking at? 
  • A very cursory glance at the Texas high school playoffs revealed that 24 teams (maybe more) scored at least 60 points. And and that does not include 6 man games. 
  • There was an Intoxilyzer Manslaughter in Wise County where a man received 5 years (the range of punishment was probation to 20 years.) That's one year above the standard offer for DWI-Third or More when no one is hurt. 
  • College football: (1) Tech had the worst field goal attempt ever, (2) OU's Baker Mayfield went nuts but he had more than one reason, (3) Coach Bro has no idea what he is doing at Tech. When they actually started running the ball against TCU, he reverts to the pass with a horrible QB, (4) Texas won at West Virginia but, make no mistake, the game was over when WVU's fantastic QB fumbled at the one inch line and left the game with a broken finger. OU plays WVU this week and that game just became a layup. They are a 23 point favorite. (5) LB Hager for Texas is a punk. He was ejected for targeting and, no, the grabbing of his facemask did not cause it. His attitude walking off the field was a disgrace to the 40 Acres. (6) Good for UNT. But they have to face Lane Kiffen and Art Briles' son in the conference championship game. (7) Hot opinion: Auburn beats Alabama. (8) That punt return by USC was the greatest punt returns in the history of punt returns. (9) UCLA fired Jim Mora? He was 46-30. And they fired him on his birthday. (9) The Dallas Morning News didn't realize TCU, as I predicted, rolled at Tech: 
  • Sen. John Coryn is very upset that Trump hasn't authorized more dollars for Harvey victims. Man, that "no big federal government" is hard to figure out. 
  • "Albertsons buys stake in Latino grocer El Rancho Supermercado with plans to open more stores." Just like if you know the future of Texas politics, Albertsons knows the future demographics of grocery buying. 
  • Opening the home windows when a cold front blows through is one of life's greatest joys. Mrs. LL does not agree. 
  • Oh, Alabama: 
  • Told ya! Told ya! (And you guys thought I was crazy): 
  • It is that time of year where Lexus runs ad where one spouse buys another a Lexus. I told Mrs. LL that I would (figuratively) kill her if she bought me a Lexus and put it in the driveway. She then said what a great bit it would have been just to find a friend who has one, borrow it, put a bow on it, and walk me out and say, "Merry Christmas, honey!"
  • The great David Cassidy is in critical condition at the age of 67, When I was a kid, there were girls on my street that had his poster up in their rooms.And if you are around my age, if you don't have, "I think I love you. But what am I so afraid of?" stuck in your head all day, I invite you to go somewhere else for your blog reading. 
  • Charles Manson is dead.
  • This is insane. The guy had a court order ignition interlock device. Those things actually have "rolling tests" although I think the manufacturer/installers instruct drivers to pull off to the side of the road to blow into it. But I've always thought that was a horrible idea.
  • Let's check in on China's Chief Warden's mental health: 
  • And news from Ohio: "No Way!"
  • I don't mean to be to hard on Alabama so often over Roy Moore. There are decent and good people there. Especially the staff at The Birmingham News