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It's Friday, Let's Get Out Of Here

Most defense lawyers after their fight talk of, "I will take this case to trial!"

Cowboys offense.
We've got a female Charles Manson on our hands!
What a Rockette does after retirement.
A look at a guy after Thanksgiving dinner and watching Cowboy game.


Anonymous said...

So, despite your I'll go to trial bravado, there are limited circumstances in the criminal arena that benefit the client by going to trial. It is a tactic of defense attorneys and I am sure you have used it as well when you have no intention of trying a case. You talk a great game about being a bad ass defense attorney, but then you judge anyone on the right side of the aisle as guilty as soon as an accusation is made. Then, you rarely mention those on the left when an accusation is made. You sir are a hack. The defense attorney's job is to represent those accused zealously even if we despise them as humans. I used to refer people to you occasionally when a Wise County referral was requested. That has stopped. Your judgment is poor.

Anonymous said...

I think I know why she got pregnant.

DF Florenz Ziegfeld