Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • Don't Google Rep. Joe Barton photos. Don't Google Rep. Joe Barton photos. Don't Google Rep. Joe Barton photos.
  • Some of his defenders (amazing that anyone would defend him) allege this is "revenge porn".  Trust me, there are serious Constitutional issues regarding any revenge porn law.  If someone tells you something, you can repeat it. If someone writes you a letter and says "don't share this", you can. If you voluntarily are dumb enough to send a naked pic of yourself to someone else, they can probably share it without repercussion. It's still a legal battleground which is just starting. 
  • And if an old fat man committing adultery and sending a pic and video of his junk to another woman tries to portray himself as the "victim", that's all you need to know about him. You are who you are. 
  • "The only person who has been exposed more than Dak Prescott in recent days has been Texas Rep. Joe Barton." - David Moore of the Dallas Morning News.
  • Roy Moore's communication director quit. 
  • In all seriousness, I know 2017 has been personally hard on many of you. It's hard to be thankful after a loss. I was thinking of you yesterday.
  • Texas new ridiculous abortion law was struck down. You could see that coming a mile away. But the Clown Car in Austin would rather past obviously unconstituional laws and spend your money defending them than doing anything worthwhile. Uh, like school funding.
  • Man to launch himself in homemade rocket. His goal is ultimately to prove the world is flat. Welp, see ya later. 
  • I watched a little bit of the Macy Thanksgiving Day Parade. That is no longer a "parade" in any sense of the word.
  • And Another. (Oklahoma.)
  • "Court documents say Gov. Abbott opened the package, but it failed to explode because he didn't open it correctly. If opened correctly, says "it could've caused severe burns and death." Let's make it weirder: Cat hair lead to the arrest.
  • The Tarrant County DA's office ended up with a hung jury on a capital murder case. How is that possible to charge someone with such a great offense and have a case that has so many holes in it and have such bad facts? 
  • When it comes to college coaches, not one single sports personality knows the difference between a "buyout" (what another school has to pay to school who lures its coach away) and a "contract" (what a school has to pay the remainder of to fulfill its contractual promise to a coach once they fire him.)
  • WFAA profiled a woman in Greenwood, Wise County who turned 107.
  • Trump told the Coast Guard yesterday that the F-35 could "not be seen by the enemy" even when the enemy was "right next to it" during a fight.  And the text of the quote, in itself, is not worthy of a Middle Schooler.
  • Once again, I'm a Sports Genius. way before the season started I told you take the "Under" for the total wins by the Cowboys. Honestly, I can't remember if the line was 9 or 10. 
  • The trooper killed near Fairfield is shocking. I expected the facts to be that he was killed when he walked up to the car (a practice which I've always questioned), but he was gun down via rifle when he returned to his car to run the driver's license.