Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Who will fall due to past sexual misconduct today? Charlie Rose was thrown out yesterday (and he basically admitted it.) Don't you know there are thousands of entertainers, politicians,  and news people scared to death during these times. 
  • What a strange story: A female UNT story student was found shot in her car and she had crashed (presumably post shooting) in Corinth. I say "presumably" because no one knows what happened.
  • Ms. LL and the Freshman In The House went to a DPS Megacenter yesterday morning. They were given #4099. They were serving #4035.  On a Monday. And they got there around 9:30. 
  • One DPS office that needs serious upgrading is the one in Denton on the loop. It looks like a human ant bed with cars parked everywhere -- even on grass.
  • 2017 continues to fight: Former Cowboys receiver Terry Glenn died in a car wreck in Irving. He was 43. 
  • Update from yesterday: A newspaper has many of his text messages. What a perv. 
  • A border patrol agent was killed in Van Horn (not exactly right on the border.) Some believe he was attacked. Some say he might have fallen.
  • Yesterday Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders told a room of reporters to say what they're thankful for before asking her a question. It did not go well. Some refused. Others said the were thankful for the First Amendment. 
  • And this is just a fraction of the new Texas attorneys. That's all the profession needs. 
  • Judge Jeanine is law abiding. Who goes 119?
  • I watched Arrival yesterday. Good stuff. 
  • There is no way Philadelphia QB Carson Wentz did not receive a concussion on that play against Dallas. Not only was he hit in the head by a helmet, but when he went down and caught a knee to the head. Troy Aikman's most famous concussion came in an NFC Championship Game against the 49ers which was a knee to the head. 
  • Mrs. LL watched Get Out last night. I watched about 15 minutes of it. It was weird, but I was lost as to the plot. But, man, it has made a fortune despite having a tiny budget to produce it.