Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • In my opinion, if creepiness is used as a major factor, I'd predict the next sex scandal would involve Bob Saget or Chuck Woolery.
  • Well, Trump went off script and came to the defense of Roy Moore yesterday saying that he needed to win the election. "He says it didn't happen and, you know, you have to listen to him, also." Well, that settles it. He also said Moore's opponent, Doug Jones, was soft on crime. 
  •  As a U.S. Attorney, Democrat Jones locked up Klansmen who murdered four little girls at a church. As an assistant district attorney, Republican Moore preyed on teenage girls at the mall. Alabama, let's see what you got. 
  • There is a chance, due to injuries, Decatur's own Grayson Muehlstein starts at QB against Baylor on Friday. But TCU could start me and still beat Baylor who might not score a point.
  • Did you see the "Grab 'em by the" P guy asked if he could touch the turkey he was pardoning yesterday? These are strange days.
  • When you blow up something like the Georgia Dome, it has to take a Herculean effort to make sure no one is hiding inside. A complete search. A wired fence on the perimeter. And full 24 hour security for at least a week before the detonation. 
  • If you are camping outside of Best Buy right now, you are one strange duck. 
  • 2017 strikes again: David Cassidy has died.
  • This video was floating around last night about LA traffic for the holidays. (1) Didn't we see this exact footage a year or two ago?, and (2) Doesn't it look like that every single work day rush hour traffic out there? 
  • We've had yet another military aircraft crash. Three missing.
  • Let's check in on Trump's mental health this morning: 
  • Every year every local TV station broadcasts from DFW Airport claiming it is the busiest traffic day of the year. That's just a flat out lie. Camera shots this morning show it basically empty. Years ago, when you could walk around the terminals without having a bordering pass, I went out to the airport just to see the crowds (and hopefully families reuniting.) It was a ghost town.