Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • I went to a high school volleyball game on Friday night. Verdict: Highly entertaining.
  • The Vice President took a taxpayer funded trip to an NFL game at your expense so he could do a publicity stunt by walking out when he saw players protest. CNN estimates the cost at close to $200,000. This is the most dishonest administration in history and full of con men. 
  • Ouch: 
  • "Here comes the sun." It always plays a factor in late afternoon games in October at Cowboys Stadium.
  • The Office is famous for the phrase, "That's what she said." I somehow ended up watching Wayne's World this weekend and guess what phrase was used? And they also did a lot of stopping and talking to the camera. (Side note: Do you remember that Ed O'Neill had a brief part in that movie?)
  • College football: (1) OU being beat by Iowa State is amazing. OU was a 30.5 favorite. Yet it is the seventh straight year OU has lost as a double digit favorite. (2) In a seven overtime game a guy's sister ran onto the field when she thought they had won the game. They hadn't. (3) Texas escaped. (4) TCU escaped.
  • Texas county government lawyers are certainly getting crazily aggressive:
  • Powerful cover from the New Yorker
  • What? 
  • Trump's Secretary of Education had some great insight this weekend. Sheesh: Edit: I fell for fake news again - actually satire - but I believe she would actually say this. 
  • For morning news guys: Why has Tim Ryan not been on Fox 4 for over a week?
  • It's been over two years and not one plea or trial in the Waco Biker Cases. 
  • It's going to be 97 degrees today.