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It's Friday. Let's Get Out Of Here.

 Don't Get Me This Dog!
 Free car wash.
"I've got a great idea! It'll be fun!  Let's . . . "
 Any chance this guy is still alive today?

 That was an impressive unnecessary jump off the top of the fence.
 I've had buddies throw golf clubs in frustration. But this?
Bull vs. Goat. Who ya got?


Anonymous said...

That's not a bull. If you want to see bull, look at any of my posts.

DF Wordkyle

Anonymous said...

That's fake. They paid the bull to take a dive. And the goat was on steroids.

Anonymous said...

1. That dog saw the movie Alien too many times.
2. Where's the chamois guys?
3. The winner is the first to get up.
4. Fool. NEVER goose a tiger.
5. I didn't know cats could fly.
6. I hope no one was down the hill from that bicycle toss.
7. Udder, not scrotum. They both are pendulous however, so I'll give you that.

DF Gone for the Weekend

Anonymous said...

Any chance this guy is still alive today?

Not if he has Obammycare.