Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • Orlando Scandreck is my hero
  • UT coach Tom Herman has Shake Voice during every news conference.
  • The goofy tweeting Texas Supreme Court Justice has not tweeted since being nominated for the Fifth Circuit. The fake "Aw Shucks" guy has turned into "I Got What I Wanted By Being Fake 'Aw Shucks' Guy."
  • I decided to buy yogurt at the grocery store the other day. Good grief. How can there be that many choices?
  • One of the oddest and funniest guys I follow on Twitter is Fake Bo Pelini.
  • There was a comment yesterday that all NFL players are paid millions.  That always drives me nuts. Dak Prescott's salary this year $540,000. (And there is nothing he could have done about it due to the collective bargaining agreement.)
  • He threw a tantrum again last night. Probably held his breath afterwards. He couldn't even wait until the morning.
  • Hey, it's Friday the 13th.
  • Ugh.
  • Junior Miller of The Ticket had a hot speculative opinion regarding the missing three year old Richardson child: She was sold. I wouldn't rule that out. I wouldn't rule anything out. 
  • It's always a bad sign when my friends at the courthouse tell me, "You need to chill out."
  • This is haunting. They were traveling in a private plane, but jumping from island to island. 
  • Mark Davis this morning on healthcare reform based upon Trump's (yet another) executive order: "If you are in need, you won't end up living under a bridge. You will be taken care of." Ummmm. You been under a downtown Dallas bridge lately?
  • Any update on the "home invasion" in the gated community in Fort Worth from a couple of months ago?