Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Edit: This went up late today because I forgot to push a button before a courthouse docket.  
  • What the heck is up with a Texas Tech student shooting a Texas Tech cop? And how in the world does he have a gun on him without the cops not knowing? (He was taken to the police station after a "welfare check" call where the cops found "drugs and drug paraphernalia.") I don't know if he was under arrest. The facts are confusing. 
  • However, there is the law: If arrested, the cops can search you incident to that but you would be stunned how often that does not happen. If you are "detained" but not arrested, you can only be patted down if the officer has a reasonable fear for his safety.
  • The story about the missing three year old from Richardson is weird. The guy made her stand by a tree at 3:00 a.m. because she didn't drink her milk? I don't think so. 
  • But I don't understand the Amber Alert for the girl being "deactivated." One, why? Two, what does that even mean? 
  • ESPN suspended a basically unknown reporter for saying that sponsors need to boycott the Cowboys because of Jerry Jones' statement that any Cowboy won't play if they protest during the anthem. That seems a little over the top. But the Toddler In Chief was happy about it this morning: 
  • Before the high school volleyball game I went to with Mrs. LL I turned to her and asked, "If I took a knee while they play the anthem would you kill me?" Her: "Absolutely."
  • Cat Fight!
  • Regarding the Waco Bikers Cases, the D.A. down there might have committed perjury. Every arrest warrant affidavit was basically a cut and paste job and signed by the same guy. The D.A. was asked under oath if he talked to the affiant about the cases and he said yes. The affiant later testified he never talked to him at all and seemed stunned by the question. 
  • Those California fires are horrific. Neighborhoods are going up in flames.
  • There are going to be seven new hotels in downtown Fort Worth?
  • A faithful reader found this: 
  • Trump and Pence saying people shouldn't protest might be the most un-American thing ever.
  • The Sonic commecial guys were funny 10 years ago. This time around, not so much
  • This is the greatest two point conversion in the history of ever. (Well, maybe with the exception of Boise State's statue of liberty play against Okahoma back in the day.)