Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • More and more I'm convinced people drive like morons. I'll have people blow by me in Rhome doing 85 and  weaving in and out of traffic. Not only might you cause a wreck, you are begging to be stopped. 
  • I wonder where the missing Wise County K-9 dog ended up. I'm guessing he's fine and in someone's care. 
  • I feel sorry for Yu Darvish after being lit up in two World Series games. I also feel sorry for his agent as he hits free agency. 
  • One of the oddest things I've seen happened last night in the game when some Astro walked up to the plate in the first inning and tipped his batting helmet to Yu Darvish. That was solely to mess with his head. It worked. Edit: I didn't get to posting the comments to around 10:00. Uh, I'm pretty sure now that the tip of the hat was actually an apology. 
  • Because of a part-time job, I've spent a pretty good amount of time with Decatur's Chief of Police Rex Hoskins over the last couple of months. (I've known him for years.) But now I know why he has been Chief for decades. His attitude when something is getting out of hand is not "You better back down and shut up or I'm putting you against the wall and you are going to be arrested." No, his attitude is, calmly, to say "Come over here, calm down, and let's talk about this." And it has worked every time. 
  • Mrs. LL yesterday: "My shoulder has frozen up again." (I don't want to tell her, but I'm not sure I remember the first time it happened.) 
  • What that guy did was moronic and he needed to be fired. But $500,000? I'd let a cop do that to me for half a million. Heck, I'd take $5,000. Maybe $500.
  • Baseball umpires used to have these huge hand held pads that they could hold up with on hand. I'm not sure when they went away.
  • This is incredible. Ted Cruz uses the Astros win and the slogan for Houston's Hurricane recovery to raise money last night. Sir, do you have no shame? 
  • The social media executives testifying before Congress about the fake accounts created by Russsia to influence the presidential election should scare us all. Yet what a perfect plan: Create fake news to dupe a country which is quickly getting dumber and dumber.
  • Ugh: 
  • The UIL is doing high school realignment and I'm really surprised by these enrollment numbers: Alvord 212, Boyd 401, Bridgeport 651, Slidell 60, Bowie is 497, and Decatur 1,054. The disparity between Bridgeport and Decatur is shocking.