Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Special counsel Robert Mueller's grand jury has indicted Trump's former campaign manager in the Russia probe. It begins. 
  • And always remember this graphic from Fox News.
  • Kevin Spacey had a heck of statement yesterday regarding allegations he abused a young boy. If there was going to be another season of House of Cards there won't be now. 
  • My theory of there are ads buried everywhere became even more true during the World Series this weekend. In the bullpen, there was some website scribble on the back wall in big letters. Later, from the same camera position, it turned into a full blown professional graphic. 
  • I was in Florida this weekend for a softball tournament. Like I said on Friday, traveling is a beating. I had the most intensive TSA pat down going through screening and they even swabbed my hands with the guy turning to another TSA agent and saying, "I've got to check this" as he then went to some kind of machine. I could be wrong, but they seem to be on high alert. 
  • Oh, and American Airlines issued two boarding passes for me and another guy which had the same seat assignment. 
  • We went to Cocoa Beach which pretty much looks like Padre Island with all the sea weeds on the shore. 
  • But it did give rise to a picture of me looking at a Random Thought Girl taken by Mrs. LL. (The wind is blowing my hair by the way.) And, yes, I have no butt. 
  • We also went to Disney World. There are a multitude of parks now but I wanted to go back to the original for nostalgic reasons. Our family went there as a kid and after we got home my dad wanted to know the stock price of Disney. Nothing has changed. That place is printing money.
  • One thing I noticed about Disney World: Around noon all you see is beaten down parents with happy kids. A few hours later you've got beaten down parents and beaten down kids. 
  • "You stand right here and I'll be right back. I don't want to issue a 'Silver Alert'" - Mrs. LL to me. I tend to get lost from time to time. 
  • At the softball complex near Orlando, I took a walk and found a pond and, much to my surprise, a baby alligator. Mrs. LL came to see it and we both had the same thought: "Where's momma?" as we suddenly had our heads on a swivel.
  • The team of the Freshman in the House lost every game. I think it was eight. But Mrs. LL and I got into an argument when a coach of her team yelled at the third baseman (the dugout was on that side) after the batter laid down a perfect bunt which no one could possibly have gotten to. The coach yelled, "You have to anticipate that!"  My position: You're the coach. If you saw it coming (which is obvious), tell the kid to cheat up. You see that in college softball all the time. Her position: The coach is teaching the kid a lesson for not having situational awareness.
  • I watched about three episodes of the new season of Stranger Things. That's good stuff. And the fact that Paul Reiser, from Mad About You,  is in it is fantastic. (But, man, we all get old.)
  • That was a crazy Major League game last night but it was into five hours in the ninth when the score was 12-12.
  • As I predicted, Texas beat Baylor. #Liar #MayNotBeSportsGenius