Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • I caught so much grief over wearing cargo shorts in the photo that I posted yesterday. One of my buddies even gave me the business about it in person. As I told him, "Once you get to certain age, it's not that you don't understand fashion, it's about the fact that you just don't care."
  • Something that happened yesterday I would never have dreamed of: I spoke in front of a big crowd at the Decatur Convention Center, made a Steve Bannon joke, and actually got quite a few laughs. 
  • In the same event, Decatur lawyer Mark Howell had a very funny line as he takes over as the Wise County Bar Association presidency: "I promise to do the same thing as Barry Green has done for the last 15 years. Nothing." That's quality comedy, sir. And true.
  • I was exhausted yesterday. Traveled from Florida the day before, ended up watching what might be one of the greatest MLB World Series games of all time past midnight, and then woke up shortly after 5:00. I'm too old for that. 
  • The Russia Collusion thing heats up. Look up "Papadopoulos guilty plea." And I love Sean Hannity's defense: "He admitted, OK, he lied to the FBI. I think he is 29 years old." (But all I can think of now is Vegas Vacation and Papagiorgio.")
  • One thing I forgot to mention about Disney World: We did the Haunted Mansion "ride" and I wanted to because it fascinated me thirty years ago. Oh, my. Has it been ramped up. They had a hologram of a head which was one of the most bizarre things I've ever seen.
  • And one thing we didn't even think about: We were there right before Halloween and visitors were dressed up left and right in costumes. It was pretty insane. 
  • As I predicted yesterday, House of Cards has been cancelled. I'm an Entertainment Genius.
  • Reminder to self: Wear a cap or sunscreen when you go to Florida even in October.
  • As a kid, I never dreamed that giving out candy on Halloween would be more fun than getting it. But it may not happen tonight because of the rain.
  • I don't understand how you can deposit a check by taking photos of it. There are obviously safeguards to keep it from being deposited twice, but I don't know how it works. 
  • NFL Commissioner Robert Roger Goodell is a strange guy. I don't know if he is ethical or crazy. He takes on two owners and two of the best players in the league on, arguably, shaky grounds. That being Brady and Bob Kraft, and Zeke and Jerry Jones. He is paid millions a year and he may end up my be losing his job. 
  • There was a fake character on The Ticket once who called Zeke the "Ecstasy Ewok." That's funny.
  • Another travel story: We got to see the overbooked flight where they started the bid process to get someone to give up their seat. Mrs. LL and The Freshman in The House asked me what it would take to stay behind (it included a free hotel and a flight out early the next morning.) And said there was no price. Mrs. LL said there had to be a price. I finally said I would start considering it at $1,500. It went for $600.