Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • I haven't confirmed it, but I got a message that the MSU football player passed away. Do not let your kids play football.
  • I saw a lawyer in the courthouse gently telling her client to "calm down" the other day in the hallway. Good lawyers are as much of an emotional counselor as they are a legal counselor.
  • I have no problem with this. It's about learning. It's about making you think and question what you and others believe -- something everyone of us should do every day.
  • Hurricane Maria looks like a beast. (Side note: The old white guys on WBAP made fun of how the hurricanes have Hispanic names these days.) 
  • Regarding my football trip: Mrs. LL noticed there were Baylor fans at Duke who took a chartered bus and she thought that was a good idea. I laughed. I've thought about it now for three days, and I've decided she might be right. Throw in the stress of getting to the airport, the parking cost, the security lines, the flight (which is much worse than being on a bus), the rent car, the hotel -- that might be the way to go. 
  • Last night the season home run record by all players was surpassed in the Major League with at least two weeks to play. Juiced baseballs or juiced players? 
  • "Otherwise"? 
  • There was a big earthquake in Mexico yesterday and the current death count is over 200. But I had no idea there was an earthquake there in the 1980s that killed over 10,000. How was that possible?
  • This (quick loading) video of a building going down during the earthquake is insane. Edit: It appears I'm guilty of posting fake news.

  • I cannot believe it took me so long (despite your encouraging) to discover the greatness of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.  It is one of the few things things on TV that makes me laugh out loud. 
  • I always hesitate to ask these questions, but what happened to the 22 year old from Bridgeport  who is listed in the funeral section of the Update?
  • Ladies and Gentleman, The President of the United States: 
  • Oh, my.