Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • The ragweed count is insane and it is driving me crazy. 
  • Re: The death of the Midwestern State player: "Grays is the second college football player to die this week. Clayton Geib, a 21-year-old offensive lineman at Division-III College of Wooster in Ohio, died after being hospitalized Saturday after complaining he wasn’t feeling well."
  • Someone called me a hypocrite yesterday for posting "Don't play football" after spending a weekend on a football trip. I didn't get offended. It made me think. 
  • Curt Schilling, who is anti-big government, was behind "38 Studios" which took a $75 million guaranteed loan from the government and then almost immediately went belly up. But Fox News values his opinion:
  • This was at a lunch with African leaders. Is he losing it
  • The death sentence of John Battaglia was put back on course by the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals yesterday. The story is horrific. It drove me nuts that the Dallas Turkey Trot would take you right past the place of the murder of the children every year. (And, side note, one of my many ex-wives was fascinated by the story.)
  • What?
  • The former Tech coach, whom I love, had a weird tweet yesterday. It wasn't an active link: 
  • I'm completely missing Ken Burns Vietnam documentary. I'm tracking it down. 
  • Trump's use of "Rocket Man" is dumb, but it did remind me of what a great song that is.
  • If you don't think Mueller will not end up indicting multiple people, you don't know how the system works.