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The Blues Brothers Scene I Referenced This Morning


Anonymous said...

Just shows how racist the creators of this movie were since the lead actors weren't black!

Anonymous said...

I love a parade.

DF John Philip Sousa

Anonymous said...

I understand that Trump is having the following lyrics from the song, "Springtime for Hitler" tweaked as his new entry song to use instead of "Hail to the Chief".

Springtime for Hitler and Germany
Deutschland is happy and gay
We're marching to a faster pace
Look out, here comes the master race

DF Mel Brooks

Anonymous said...

Illinois Nazis like Frank Collin (Cohen) make all us ubermensch look bad.

DF Adolph Schicklgruber

Anonymous said...

1. For any discussion, people must agree that this group has a right to exist. Love or hate them, they have as much a right as NAMBLA, or Black Panthers, or Weather Underground. As long as they just talk shit and don't do shit.

2. Now see how those folks cheered when the Nazi's went in water? Awesome. But illegal, just because we hate them doesn't mean we can harm them.

3. It is a very close representation of how it usually goes, the hate group goes out and stands Stoic and calm, pretty much just stirring up who ever came to yell at them, or tell them how stupid they are.

4. The Anti-protecters get no reaction so they ramp it up, cussing, rocks, piss bottles, have they crossed the line? Yes, throwing rocks and bodily fluids at another human is illegal. But since we hate who they are throwing it at its fine.

5. The original protestor has now been hit with a rock, maybe a piss cocktail, some mace, and he punches one of the anti-protestors in the face, and it gets video release.

6. Original group transgression is measured worse, because we hate them.

That WHOLE BILL of Rights thing is a Bitch.

It is there for everyone, love them or hate them.

Anonymous said...

"Contradicting statements by Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe, the Virginia State Police say they did not find caches of weapons stashed around Charlottesville in advance of last Saturday's deadly white nationalist rally."

Gee, you think McAuliffe had an agenda to lie to the press? He also said that 80% of the KKK had semi automatic weapons yet no shots were fired on either side.

Anonymous said...

I sure hope somebody blows a whistle or rings a bell or something when the civil war starts. I'd hate to miss it. Has Barry put bullet-proof glass in his office yet?

He's most likely to be enemy #1 (and only one!) in the battle for Wise County. So you're gonna have to hurry if you want to claim his scalp. There'll probly be a lot of competition.

Happy Hunting!!
Half-Baked Johnny Reb

Anonymous said...

Pretty accurate. The idiot Nazis had a legal permit and were staging a protest, and then were attacked by the kind, gentle people who require all protests to be in keeping with how they think. Then, a leader mentions that both sides had a hand in the violence that broke out, and gets fried and abandoned by the media and business leaders for saying something that was 100 percent truthful...but DOES NOT MATCH UP with how those kind, gentle people think. That's a problem.

Anonymous said...

Interesting that some people, like Jews, Japanese, Vietnamese, seemed to recover, move on, and prosper only one or two generations removed from some of the most horrific of tragedies and struggles that a group of people have ever seen in our time. No echoes, at least not publicly.

Anonymous said...

I'm learning that, in the U.S., only CERTAIN political expressions will get you fired. We have the freedom to speak like the media thinks we should, or else. I hate these freaking Nazi types, BUT, scary that they can't hold one of their stupid little protests and just be ignored as they basically are anyway.