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This Seems Perfect For Today

Language warning.

Brad Pitt's anti-Nazi speech seems so appropriate after a weekend which has led so many people to be shaken to the core.

(Credit: I got this from The Ticket which just played and edited version of it.)


Harry Hamid said...

I am happy that the President came out and clarified his earlier statement in unambiguous terms.

It won't be enough for some (I can foresee the topic changing to "Why didn't he specifically call it terrorism?"), but it was enough for me.

The President is officially against murder by Nazis.

Anonymous said...

You didn't use phrases like "shake to the core" when officers in Dallas were murdered. You didn't use it when Paris was attacked, when the Pulse night club was terrorized, or when the ISIS members in San Diego went on rampage! Why is that?

Anonymous said...

Are you advocating the slaughter and scalping of anyone flying a rebel flag?

Anonymous said...

12:46 - Barry just wants to watch the world burn.

Anonymous said...

AntiFa and the KKK should all be shaken to the core. They were both started by the democratic party.

Anonymous said...

You might be the only panty-waist who is shaken to the core. The rest of us just see a bunch of white guys doing what a bunch of blacks, liberals, women, and "resistance" have been doing for a couple years now. 'Cept there didn't seem to be a lot of looting going on like some of those other groups tend to do.

You daily show yourself to have the emotional fortitude of a menopausal woman. Get yourself some Prozac, for god's sake

Anonymous said...

Do you think this is the reason so many younger Nazis wear their hair high and tight, afraid of giving us something to scalp when it gets down to the cutting? I guess we could just take ears like I did in Vietnam.

DF Colonel Kurtz

Anonymous said...

Now just change the word Nazi to AntiFa member. Is not pretty now?

Welcome to America where a man has a right to be an asshole.
Welcome to America where you can get a permit and pretty much stand on the corner and say any damn thing you want.
Where you can also go and tell the first group they are morons.

However when you wish to stand against a groups beliefs, in order to call them out you use bottles of piss, Mace, and rocks, expect them to practice the very Human right of self choice, the choice to weigh the consequences (Jail), against kicking the bejeezus out of you, or even worse.

Some, may choose jail over dishonor in their minds.

We have Nazi's.
We have Islamic terrorists leaning folks.
We have Black Panther party members who want to anhilate all white men.
We have people who don't like Cracker Barrel.

Guess what? As a liberal it is your duty to back each one of these groups 100%. Until they break the law.

Because if white men are expected to not be proud of being a white man, then the black man cannot be proud of who he is.

Neither one is right.

Anonymous said...

Your commenters keep reaffirming that you are casting pearls among swine.

Anonymous said...

Nobody dislikes Cracker just sayin'!

Anonymous said...

Taking your content from your nemesis Jake Kemp I see. I guess you do still love him.

Anonymous said...

Barry, you truly are a little bitch.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha....more like slinging feces amongst apes!

Anonymous said...

Now let's go out there and kill us some niggers today..I wants me some fro's!

Anonymous said...

And, you are a son.