Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Someone mentioned they were building a new Love's across from Devon on 380 in Bridgeport and how it might impact traffic.  Considering that the speed of construction indicates it is being built by one guy with a hammer and a hand saw, we might not have to worry about it for five years.  
  • A faithful reader recommended this book about a Denton officer. I remember that case and could have sworn I wrote about it. (As always, I can't find where I did.)
  • If you haven't seen the video, you need to: The cop who was found not guilty of manslaughter in Minnesota is shown firing seven times into a car at point blank range. He simply freaked out. 
  • Jerry Jones just met the Pope. I hope the cameras were rolling. (The NFL has his reaction, but he didn't say anything crazy.)
  • "Prosecutors seek to revoke ‘affluenza’ mom’s bond after alleged alcohol violation." That whole process is silly. She'll get arrested and a new and higher bond will be set. She'll go back to her bondsman (who no longer has any liability on the old bond and who is out no money) who will cut her a deal on the new bond and we're back to where we started. 
  • It's amazing how time (and just casually following the news) shapes memories. Yesterday on The Ticket they were talking about the "affluenza" mom. They said her son received probation for the intoxication manslaughter case that killed four people because the "judge said the kid was from such a privileged lifestyle that he didn't know right from wrong." First, the judge was a she and not a he. Secondly, the judge never said such a thing. All of that came from a defense witness.
  • Hey, I'm proud of the Decatur pitcher who signed with the University of Texas (although I would have preferred a school 100 miles north.) But every report I've read said he had already "signed" with Howard College. I thought Letters of Intent were binding -- at least for one year. When Baylor's scandal broke, Baylor had to "release" signees for their letters of intent in order for them to go elsewhere. How does this work?
  • The Republicans held onto that Georgia congressional seat they've held for forty years.
  • Legal nerd humor: I love this first sentence in an opinion just released by the D.C. federal circuit court: 
  • It's the longest day of the year. Sunrise: 6:21. Sunset: 8:42. Texas legal trivia: Vehicle headlights are required to be on during the "nighttime" which is defined as a period 30 minutes after sunset until 30 minutes before sunrise. 
  • Someone, in light of the exoneration of the couple in Austin, brought up the Satanic Cult frenzy that swept Texas two or three decades ago. I remember that  - all sorts of rumors of animals being sacrificed. I tried to find something online about it but could only find Bridgeport ISD's current dress code.
  • I'm trying to decide what I care about less: The NBA draft or Tropical Storm Cindy. Both will have no impact on Dallas.