Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • A buddy up at the courthouse, who might play golf three to four times a year and describes himself as an "average" golfer, claims he can hit a drive 300 yards if he had a high-end/high-tech driver. He's never hit a drive that far before. The parameters were that the fairway had to be flat and that he could get up to 20 tries.  I told him he's crazy.
  • This Bedford teenager went missing on Monday. Late yesterday, a body was found in a North Arlington landfill. Bedford cops went there and "are not confirming or indicating it's Kaytlynn, but instead say they are awaiting more information from the Tarrant County Medical Examiner's Office." That wording doesn't sound promising. 
  • The Special Counsel makes the cover of Time
  • A potential perfect game by Justin Verlander was broken up last night in the sixth inning by a bunt (gif), and baseball purists went nuts because "It's an unwritten rule that you don't do that." That's just dumb. 
  • The Rangers play at 1:05 today. In Arlington. In the heat. 
  • I had someone  tell me yesterday about the legend of hidden gold in Devil's Den on Lake Bridgeport. I had never heard that story. The best history of it is on page 17 of this pdf special lake edition of the Bridgeport Index from 2007. (It also has some great articles on the history of the lake and has an action shot of a former Bridgeport resident and current Waco criminal defense lawyer on the cover.)
  • Trump had one of his weird rallies last night -- this time in Cedar Rapids. This goes back to my theory that he needs to be loved. Putting him in front of an adoring crowd is good for his soul.
  • EDIT: And it got him back into campaign mode this morning:
  • Police say a 21 year old in Reno, Texas (by Azle) was arrested after her six month old drowned in a bathtub. They claim she was sending Facebook messages for 18 minutes instead of watching the child. (I think this is her Facebook page with is only partially public. If it is, she has two older kids as well.)
  • A few days back a lady stormed the stage of a production of Julius Ceaser in New York's Public Theater since it "portrayed Caesar as a Donald Trump look-alike who gets knifed to death on stage." It has been learned that the lady had registered a domain name prior to the incident which is currently being used as a website to solicit funds for her "legal defence." It's named FreeLaura.com even though she is not in jail.
  • The Karate Kid was released 33 years ago today. 
  • Trip Advisor's best restaurants in Decatur. (Not a bad list/ranking but it gets a little funny when they run out of restaurants and get down to Subway and Taco Bell.)