Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • Texas college sports money:
  • Any Supreme Court opinion is flawless. No typos. Always grammatically correct. Every case cited down to the page is always spot on. That being said, a case released yesterday had a glaring error. (It was taken down and replaced within an hour.) 
  • Oakland Raider QB Derek Carr received a 5 year deal at $25 million a year yesterday making him the highest paid NFL player. Sixteen years ago, the Rangers agreed to paid Alex Rodriguez $25.2 million a year for 10 years. Buy your kid a baseball.
  • The NBA draft was last night. Let's flashback to pre-draft in 1984:
  • I apologize that it took me 48 hours to link to the Official Liberally Lean Girl on the beach
  • It's been a while since I've dogged Dennis Prager (which always angers his one fan which reads Liberally Lean.) I saw this yesterday. I always prefer that if an angry, old white man is going to lecture me on race relations that he be holding a cigar as he does so.
  • I've had two people tell me I should watch Netflix's The Keepers because it will get me riled up. (Side note: There was a time when we wondered if Netflix or Blockbuster would win that all important DVD rental war.)
  • Well, the Senate rolled out their revised TrumpCare bill yesterday, and it's already in trouble. The left hates it because it tries to kill Medicaid. The far right hates it because it is basically a slightly watered down ObamaCare. (Ted Cruz is against it. Mike Lee is against it. Radio host Mark Levin was screaming about how it was 95% Obamacare. And local radio host Mark Davis said it wasn't a conservative bill.)
  • And another (Bridgeport . . . . . . ., Connecticut):  
  • And Another (Kentucky):
  • Hey, Bridgeport is getting an Arby's. 
  • So on May 12th, Trump tweeted: “James Comey better hope that there are no ‘tapes’ of our conversations before he starts leaking to the press!” So why did it take him until yesterday to say the following? What was the purpose of the May 12th tweet? 

  • Uh, what?: 
  • Former Arizona State coach Frank Kush died yesterday. He had accumulated a tremendous 176-54-1 record in 21½ seasons when he was fired for allegedly covering up striking a punter on his team. Eventually all was forgiven and he had an office at ASU up until the time of his death.